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Integrate Office 365 users into your SAP business process

Learn how at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

The SAP® SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 conference is right around the corner! We’re excited to be in Orlando from May 7-9 to talk with you about many of our EIM solutions, including the new OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™.

Everyone knows that Microsoft Office 365 is the best-of-breed solution for content creation and collaboration. Their time-tested productivity tools are ubiquitous. But how does it measure up when you need to accomplish other key business goals beyond creating content and communicating? Office 365 is rarely the beginning of the business process. Usually, it’s being used in response to a business process that started in CRM, ERP, HCM or some other business system.

Speaking with some of our customers, my colleague Chris Sargent has found that for many organizations it’s difficult to maximize the value of their IT investments in Office 365 and the “back-office” business applications. We’ve also found that customers are beginning to see that integration with leading business apps allows them to streamline repeatable business processes and take a holistic enterprise-wide approach to EIM. This is especially important when it comes to compliance and regulatory issues.

Join Chris at Booth 642 at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 to discuss these and other business challenges, such as:

  • Inefficient business processes: Many times, work is done in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint®, Outlook or other applications within Office365, and some work is done in an ERP, CRM or other back office system. Often, users need to work with several applications to get their work done. How can this be done efficiently without wasting time and creating errors? How can we integrate work environments?
  • No connection between content created in multiple applications: How do I connect content and data coming from SAP or other business applications to Office 365 content, and maintain a single source of truth?
  • No Information Governance for Enterprise-wide content: Office 365 lacks Enterprise-wide information management, governance and control which can result in increased risk of non-compliance, especially for Federal Agencies. How can OpenText EIM solutions provide a holistic solution to these problems?

Book a free digital transformation strategy session with one of our experts and learn more about OpenText solutions for SAP. More information on the OpenText presentations can be found here.

Are you ready for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise? Join us at OpenText™ Enterprise World 2019 to hear how we’re enabling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with AI and the Internet of Things.

Deidra (Dei) Jow

Dei is a Strategic Ecosystems Manager for OpenText Microsoft solutions. She helps Enterprise customers improve efficiencies by connecting content and key business processes. She has been in the software industry for 20+ years and previously worked at Microsoft and has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii.

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