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A single source of truth - One place to go to get your work done

In my last blog, I addressed the differences between Office 365® and OpenText Extended ECM for Office 365, and talked about the benefits of connecting content from Office 365 with ERP, CRM and HCM business applications.

One of the main benefits of connected content is a complete picture of all the information you need in one place, in a UI that is familiar and easy for you to use. At OpenText, we like to call it a single source of truth. This single source of truth comes from working in an OpenText Business Workspace.

Let’s explore Business Workspaces a little further. As we dive deeper into this topic, you’ll see why this is so powerful for companies and how it fuels results, fattens the bottom line and makes customers and workers happy. It also has the added benefit of keeping content logically organized, secured and managed according to your corporate policies.

Think of a Business Workspace as a place where you have all the pertinent information right in front of you, all gathered together and easily accessible for you to start and complete your critical business operations.

For example, let’s say a customer calls and leaves a message about a missed shipment. Without leaving your familiar Microsoft® Office 365 interface, you can find out information about this customer. Key customer data is populated from a CRM system (see screenshot below) and the account team information is also right there from your Microsoft Teams app. Now you know who on the sales account team is responsible for supporting or selling to the customer.

All the pertinent sales orders and their corresponding sales contracts are presented right there for you to easily access and find. After you write a follow up email or letter to the customer, you can file it in the correspondence folder for future reference by others on the sales or support team.

OpenText Business Workspaces integrate data from a variety of systems to offer a complete view of a customer, opportunity, asset, project or any business object, in one user-friendly interface. From this Workspace, there is full visibility across the customer’s account team, customer data and more. Integration with SAP allows you to review related data, like customer contracts, orders and deliveries.

In addition to SAP, OpenText Extended ECM for Office 365 integrates with other leading business applications like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more. This seamless connection to your critical enterprise information sources, no matter where they reside, provides you with a 360-degree view of important customer data so you can gain insights, improve productivity and fatten the bottom line.

Deidra (Dei) Jow

Dei is a Strategic Ecosystems Manager for OpenText Microsoft solutions. She helps Enterprise customers improve efficiencies by connecting content and key business processes. She has been in the software industry for 20+ years and previously worked at Microsoft and has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii.

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