How connected content hubs take productivity tools to the next level

If you’ve invested in Microsoft® 365 to help employees create, share, and collaborate more easily, you’re in good company. The organization reported monthly Microsoft® Teams…

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February 27, 20244 minutes read

If you’ve invested in Microsoft® 365 to help employees create, share, and collaborate more easily, you’re in good company. The organization reported monthly Microsoft® Teams users reached 320 million in FY24 Q1, up from 300 million the previous quarter.[1] 

While Microsoft 365 has certainly earned its keep as a must-have productivity tool, it’s probably not the only platform powering your business—and not the only place content is being created and used.

With employees across R&D, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and sales relying on various line-of-business applications, such as SAP® S/4HANA, Salesforce®, SAP® SuccessFactors®, or Microsoft® Dynamics 365™, the result is an explosion of content—and individuals caught in an endless loop struggling to find information.

Fueling productivity tools with smarter information

While employees may rely heavily on Microsoft 365, they also need content from other apps and processes outside of this system. According to a Gartner survey, 40 percent of digital workers use more than the average number of applications (11), and five percent use 26 or more applications at work.[2] 

With information siloed across applications, it’s no surprise employees struggle to quickly access content. This content chaos impacts employee experiences, operational efficiency, and business outcomes, with a recent Foundry Research survey showing that 58 percent of organizations have lost business opportunities due to an inability to access data in a timely manner.[3]

So how can organizations bring order to the content chaos running rampant within Microsoft 365? The answer: OpenText™ Business Workspaces.

Elevating productivity tools with OpenText and Microsoft

Business Workspaces are essentially content hubs within the Microsoft environment. These hubs bring together content, data, people, and tasks related to a project, case, or specific business goal. The result: contextually rich Business Workspaces that create a single source of truth across systems and tools to help users boost productivity.

While OpenText Business Workspaces make it simple to organize content and tasks, the advantages don’t end there. By putting AI into the hands of business users with an AI content assistant, content discovery and use becomes more efficient and intelligent.

Users gain new ways to interact with content, leaning on AI to navigate within desired Business Workspaces, easily summarize documents and extract insights to gain a deeper understanding of content. Plus, OpenText Content Aviator continuously learns from user interactions, making content experiences even more accurate and personalized over time.

Creating more business value through smarter information

OpenText solutions for Microsoft take the simplicity and familiarity of working in Microsoft 365 and apply smarter information management to bridge information gaps and create a consistent, trusted single source of truth. Through enterprise application integrations, users gain all the relevant content needed to do their jobs within the productivity tools they use every day.

With smarter information, organizations can solve four key challenges to deliver more business value:

  • Improve findability: Provide employees with fast access to easy-to-digest and relevant information
  • Tame content chaos: Streamline content creation and management across the lifecycle to control sprawl and content disconnected from business process.
  • Reduce risk: Apply role-based permissions and information governance to minimize data leaks and protect sensitive information.
  • Break down barriers: Bring relevant information from leading ERP and CRM applications, such as SAP and Salesforce, right into Microsoft 365 and Teams.

And, with OpenText AI solutions, organizations can leverage the full strategic value of data faster across diverse sources, with insights to help employees make data-driven decisions to predict and act on business opportunities.

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Deidra (Dei) Jow

Dei is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for OpenText Microsoft solutions. These solutions help customers connect content, people, and processes and enable them to run their complex Enterprise business at scale. She has been in the software industry for 25+ years and previously worked at Microsoft and has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii.

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