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Bridge content to lead business applications to accelerate business processes

Building an OpenText Extended ECM connector - Webinar

The OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform integrates Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with lead business applications to bridge content silos and deliver content in context for more effective business processes.

By transparently integrating the OpenText Content Suite Platform into lead applications, seamless information flows are created, improving personal and process productivity while enhancing governance across the enterprise. Extended ECM solutions are available with out-of-the-box integration for many leading business applications like SAP®, SuccessFactors®, Oracle®, Salesforce® and Microsoft® Office 365®.

But, just as importantly, it also comes with the tools, APIs and templates needed to create custom integrations to other systems. Our development tools extend ECM to virtually any lead business application, fully integrating with it to pull content into the context of cross-system business processes. According to Sébastien Vinchon, Senior Principal Architect at OpenText, the idea of creating an Extended ECM connector “started from the initial idea to estimate the complexity of connecting Extended ECM to a business application for which a connector is not available out-of-the-box. Writing an integration connector for other business applications is much easier than you think!”

Watch the OpenText Live Webinar

Watch an overview and technical demonstration and learn how you can “Extend ECM to anything” to drive efficiencies through major business processes and connect critical content to the people and tasks that need it.

We’ll be demonstrating a custom Extended ECM connector, explain what it took to build it, and show you how your organization can do the same with our open development tools.

In addition, we’ll cover:

  • A brief overview of the concepts and benefits of OpenText Extended ECM
  • A look at the key components involved in allowing a lead application and Extended ECM to communicate
  • A demonstration of the value to the end user
  • A look at what’s really happening under the hood
  • The information and resources to get started

Watch the recorded webinar, Build an OpenText Extended ECM connector for lead business application integrations here.

Learn more

Learn more about how the OpenText Extended ECM Platform is empowering intelligent and connected business processes by connecting critical content insights to lead business systems.

Lee Van Cromvoirt

As part of the OpenText Content Services team focused on the Extended ECM Platform, Lee's goal is to help customers explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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