Announcing OpenText Discovery Release 16 EP6

Helping corporate legal and law firms leverage information assets to their fullest potential to gain the strategic advantage

In 2016, OpenText™ acquired Recommind, a pioneer in predictive coding; a year later OpenText acquired Guidance Software, the leader in forensic data collection and developers of EnCase. The recent acquisition of Catalyst Repository Systems extends and deepens the Discovery Suite portfolio.

With Release 16 EP6, there’s now just one name that legal practitioners need to know when it comes to the most comprehensive discovery solutions available today, and that’s OpenText. Together, the combination of Discovery Suite technologies creates a seamless, end-to-end solution that makes legal teams more efficient, reduces risk and lowers the total cost of discovery—leveraging AI, machine learning and automation throughout the process. Our flexible solutions fill all stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), can be deployed via the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid model, and offer self-administration to fully managed services, including expert managed review.

With today’s diversity, complexity and sheer volume of data, OpenText Discovery helps legal teams surface the important and sensitive data quickly—delivering an information advantage to their clients and stakeholders.

New cloud technologies from Catalyst

EP6 introduces the following new cloud-based products:

  • OpenText™ Insight for the Enterprise – a complete multi-matter management solution for corporate legal departments, purpose-built using Insight as the foundational platform. Centralizes legal data for reuse across matters, minimizing downstream legal review, and offering greater control and efficiencies.
  • OpenText™ Legal Hold – automates interrelated legal hold and data preservation tasks, from legal hold issuance and tracking to integration and synchronization with IT and HR systems, automated triggers for IT task suspension and more.
  • OpenText™ Insight – a complete review platform, allows legal teams to quickly review, find and produce documents leveraging advanced analytics, visual analytics, automated redaction, dynamic review workflow and processing, search and review in 270 languages.
  • OpenText™ Insight Predict – Technology-assisted review (TAR) based on continuous active learning, proven to reduce the total cost of review by 80 percent or more.
  • OpenText™ Business Intelligence – aggregates and analyzes data for budget predictability, outside counsel and vendor spend, case trends and more.
  • OpenText™ Managed Review – exert managed review using Insight or Axcelerate, including optimized managed review using TAR 2.0.

Learn more here.

Here’s what else we’ve introduced in EP6 to help legal teams be more efficient and mitigate risk:

Axcelerate Predictive Filtering provides a dramatically more efficient way to search

All legal teams face the challenge of searching for facts and communication patterns of interest across millions of documents. Predictive Filtering is a new search and filter feature set for Axcelerate search and analysis that adds new relevancy scores for all smart filters.  Like predictive coding, as users code documents inside of Axcelerate for relevancy, privilege and issues, the system learns from those decisions, identifying hidden patterns and relationships to generate predictive scores for the most likely relevant search fields. Predictive Filtering suggests queries. The use cases are only limited by an investigator’s needs, including basing predictions off of attorney-client privilege decisions to identify the search queries most likely to lead to more potentially privileged documents.

EnCase reduces legacy data storage costs and future risk

Somewhere buried underneath a mountain, your organization is storing hundreds or even thousands of boxes of hard drives. At one time, these hard drives were potential sources of evidence. How much (if any) is still relevant? We’re excited to announce new Professional Service offering aimed at defensible disposition for hard drives stored under legacy legal hold schedules. EnCase certified consultants can travel to your managed storage location and audit the stored hard drives, matching them against legal hold schedules to identify data that does not need to be preserved. In one recent enterprise engagement, we reduced the volume of hard drives requiring managed storage by 90%–lowering costs and reducing future legal risk.

Read more about the Axcelerate and EnCase enhancements here.

But wait! If you’re looking to securely manage, collaborate and share your legal documents…

We’re also excited to announce that OpenText eDOCS 16.5—an enterprise content management platform used by law firms and legal departments, advances the user experience and provides additional levels of security to close the security gaps at the device level. To learn more, read this blog.

A peek into the future 

Please join us at OpenText Enfuse in Las Vegas to meet with our product team in person and learn what’s in store for future releases.

Learn more:

Learn more about the new features and products included across the OpenText Discovery portfolio:


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