What’s new in OpenText Axcelerate CE 21.1

Delivering next-generation ECA and advanced visual analytics

Corporate legal teams are struggling with an increase in workload – especially around “unplanned work” like investigations. At the same time, data volumes are growing, exacerbated by a largely remote workforce relying more heavily on chat and other ephemeral communications to do their work, and cybersecurity concerns are growing.

How can legal teams do more with less–while optimizing results and identifying and mitigating risk to the organization early on?

OpenText™ Axcelerate™ CE 21.1 introduces OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation OnDemand, in the cloud, as well as productivity enhancements designed to find information faster. Innovations include the introduction of Axcelerate Visualizer Heat Maps to deliver big picture insights, support for redaction and production of Microsoft™ Excel™ files in near-native format, the ability to truncate chat data to speed review, and increased granularity in reviewer productivity tracking.

Axcelerate Investigation drives faster and richer ECA – now available OnDemand  

The Axcelerate Investigation platform–first released in October 2020 and part of the integrated OpenText™ Axcelerate™ investigation and eDiscovery solution–goes beyond traditional ECA tools to assist teams to find the facts quickly for active or anticipated litigation and investigations. Axcelerate Investigation combines robust collection, processing and culling with powerful front-loaded analytics in a single solution. Legal teams gain early insight into their data leveraging advanced analytics, minimize resources and costs, and maximize efficiency. A single platform, Axcelerate Investigation reduces potentially error-prone data transfers common with multiple point solutions and also reduces–or eliminates altogether–time-consuming and costly downstream document review costs. When full review and production of data is warranted, all data and work product can be automatically uploaded directly from Axcelerate Investigation to Axcelerate Review & Analysis OnDemand.

Axcelerate Investigation is a purpose-build data investigation and exploration platform to quickly explore data to find the relevant information that will help guide and accelerate case strategy. Axcelerate Investigation is available as an on-premise solution or OnDemand.

Axcelerate Visualizer Heat Maps introduce multi-factor visual analytics

Axcelerate Visualizer, first introduced in October 2020, brings data analytics into focus for rapid insight into matters of all sizes and complexity. Axcelerate Visualizer Heat Maps expand on these capabilities by introducing flexible visual associations amongst analytics tools for greater visibility into the relationships, patterns and anomalies within the data.

Axcelerate Visualizer Heat Maps expand on these capabilities by introducing flexible visual associations amongst analytics tools for greater visibility into the relationships, patterns and anomalies within the data. Visualizer Heat Maps present new opportunities for insights that were previously impossible, or highly manual and time-consuming to derive. For example, reviewers can see file types overlaid with MIME types, or file sizes etc. for a multi-dimensional understanding of data or fact versus opinion ratings can be superimposed by custodian to better understand which custodians are prone to unsubstantiated assertions, and more.

Axcelerate Visualizer Heat Maps enable multi-factor visual analytics for rich case insights.

Near native Excel, additional efficiency enhancements and expanded connectors

Axcelerate CE 21.1 also introduces the integrated conversion of Excel files to expedite and simplify the review and redaction of this often-critical file type. Axcelerate CE 21.1 adds extensive and flexible redaction capabilities to help assure that privileged, personal or other sensitive data within Excel files can be effectively remediated with greater ease and assurance.

Other review efficiency enhancements in Axcelerate CE 21.1 include new tools for reviewing data in context so reviewers can choose how they want data to be ordered (e.g. by Bates number), and enhancements to the review progress and reviewer productivity reports so project leads can better deliver projects on time and within budget. Axcelerate’s extensive data source connectors have been expanded further with CE 21.1 – new connectors for WebDAV™ / Druva™, Google™ Calendar™, Google™ Cloud Storage™ and AWS™ S3™ have been added.

For more information please visit the OpenText Axcelerate product page.

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