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The ability to innovate at an unprecedented rate is the key to succeeding in today’s fast-paced digital world. Yet, what do you do when business…

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April 8, 20205 minutes read

The ability to innovate at an unprecedented rate is the key to succeeding in today’s fast-paced digital world. Yet, what do you do when business is disrupted dramatically and significantly, altering day to day business as you know it? It’s in these situations when speed and agility are critical to responding to the immediate needs of employees, customers and partners. Change is a constant for organizations and can manifest itself gradually. as with digital transformation, or unexpectedly, as with our current situation. Both require resilience to overcome obstacles and respond quickly. Resilient organizations are prepared, agile and innovative.

To address immediate needs, OpenText™ AppWorks™ provides the speed and agility to create applications using low-code development to help companies manage unexpected situations and ensure employees are safe, healthy and have access to the resources they need. Disruptions in supply chains, the ability to transact business digitally with a remote workforce and, in some cases, to handle unexpected and extremely high demands for quick approvals or changes, all require both insight and automation to support unexpected and new ways of working. Unfortunately, responding fast enough can be challenging. Developers are stretched to capacity, application backlogs are prevalent, and current infrastructure and systems can inhibit the ability to innovate fast enough.

In the weeks and months ahead, organizations will need to be agile in responding to the quickly changing business environment. They’ll also need to improve operational efficiency and employee productivity to capitalize on the recovery and be better prepared and resilient in the future. OpenText™ AppWorks™ provides a single platform for process automation, case management and low-code application development. With less IT involvement, AppWorks automates complex business processes, enables better decision-making and improves customer experience.

In the newest release, OpenText™ AppWorks™ Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 improves developer agility, enabling faster application development and accelerating time to value while also simplifying deployment and maintenance.  These enhancements benefit organizations by helping organizations build applications faster, boosting operational efficiency and unlocking  a new level of agility by moving to the cloud and benefiting from simpler deployment, updates, and faster access to new capabilities.

Simplify deployment and management

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to quickly and easily create, use and deploy business applications that drive business value. But the unfortunate reality is that existing infrastructure and systems can be difficult and costly to deploy and maintain. Most IT budgets are spent on maintaining data centers and platforms with little additional value added to the business itself. What is needed is an IT shift from maintenance to innovation and in today’s environment, this can’t happen fast enough.

With AppWorks Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2, we are introducing a cloud-native architecture making it easier and more cost effective to implement, maintain, and update AppWorks. With a simplified and automated deployment based on Docker and Kubernetes, AppWorks can be up and running in minutes while eliminating the need for post-deployment configuration. With faster access to the latest features, IT can provide faster delivery of enhancements and applications that drive business value. Optimized platform services also increase scalability and throughput. Through simplified deployment and management, faster access to new features and the ability to run anywhere, on or off-cloud, IT organizations gain what’s needed to free up resources and shift their focus to innovation.

Build faster by increasing developer agility

Speed to deployment can be complemented by speed of development. While organizations are looking to developers to create new business applications that reflect new ways of working, the demand often outweighs developer resources. Many developers and IT professionals indicate that they have application backlogs. With development talent hard to find and keep, and the need to bring business and functional expertise to transformation initiatives increasing, organizations are adopting low-code development platforms. Low-code helps democratize development by enabling those in the business to prototype and collaborate with developers speeding time to value.

This release improves developer agility through simplification and improved visibility with a new List Designer, new Action Bar Designer and added support for full translation of layouts. E-mail template configuration has been improved and enhanced visibility of child entities in the design tool, make it easier to build applications and visualize the domain model. Finally, developers are now able to incorporate security without assistance and more end-user personalization options have been added.

The new List Designer building block has improved navigation to delivers a simplified user experience

The current global pandemic, is bringing new significance to the word “disruptive.”  Organizations need speed and  agility to meet today’s unprecedented demands.  They must improve both efficiency and productivity to help them through the bumpy road ahead.  Simplifying and speeding the deployment of OpenText AppWorks, combined with our latest enhancements designed to improve developers’ agility and productivity, can positively impact and improve an organization’s resilience and its ability to innovate in challenging times.

Learn More

To learn more about OpenText AppWorks Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2, visit our release page.

Accelerate your upgrade and reduce risk by working with OpenText Professional Services. Let our experts work with you to assess the current environment and prepare recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other company’s clouds or in a hybrid environment. Customers who have Professional Services-led upgrades report up to 75% fewer queries to Customer Support.

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Learn how OpenText delivers a modernized information infrastructure that is more agile and integrated so organizations can respond to change faster and easier than ever before.

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