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Accelerating user adoption through easily deployed line of business solutions

Master modern work with out-of-the-box Extended ECM Business Scenarios

Organizations struggle to find quick and easy deployments of content management solutions that address specific departmental needs, and users struggle with content heavy processes for their many projects and daily tasks. These issues often lead to:   

  • Time-consuming system customizations set up by administrators 
  • Project delays across various departments 
  • Low adoption of technology 
  • Frustrated and unhappy users 

With purpose-built, turnkey content solutions like OpenText ™ Business Scenarios, organizations can fast-track time-to-value by: 

  • Reducing process complexity 
  • Improving user adoption 
  • Generating quicker productivity gains  

Some key pre-configured and pre-deployed Business Scenarios are included with the latest release of the OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform, with additional scenarios to come in future releases, designed to help support your growing business needs. Currently solutions available through Extended ECM CE 21.4 include:   

  • Teamspaces 
  • Projects  
  • Agreements 
  • Enterprise Asset Management 

How can Business Scenarios boost productivity and user adoption?  

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about Business Scenarios and how these solutions.  

Accelerate user adoption through simplified implementation and improve departmental processes across an organization. Our experts will demonstrate how to quickly kick-start initiatives from a Business Scenario departmental page, providing users access to everything they need to collaborate on content and related business processes.  

Watch the video to learn more about how OpenText Extended ECM Business Scenarios can help support and simplify daily projects and tasks.

How do Business Scenarios simplify projects and tasks? 

Maximize collaboration for all departments across the organization with Teamspaces 

The Teamspaces business scenario supports collaboration across an organization.  

  • Departmental Page – Homebase to access materials and keep up to date on team activities 
  • Pre-Configured Tools – Templates, perspectives, workspace types, workflows, WebReports, etc.  
  • Easy Navigation – Simple folder/document structure  
  • Discussions Forum – Centralized channel to maximize colleague and team collaboration  
  • Document Access and Control – Defined team roles for members and guests  
  • OpenText Core Share Integration – Simple and secure external collaboration   

Support project management initiatives from start to finish with Projects 

Organizations can support more efficient project management through the Projects business scenario.  

  • Departmental Page – Home-base to access materials and keep up to date on all projects 
  • Pre-Configured Tools – Templates, perspectives, Workspace types, workflows, WebReports, etc.  
  • Attributes – Specific attributes for projects  and nested Workspaces for project phases 
  • Health Check – Due date management and milestone tracking for project phases  
  • Discussions Forum – Centralized channel to maximize colleague and team collaboration  

Manage contracts and documents from draft to signature with Agreements 

Using the Agreements business scenario, organizations can help employees better manage contracts and documents throughout the agreement lifecycle.

  • Departmental Page – An entry point and management dashboard, with access to content and projects 
  • Pre-Configured Tools – Templates, perspectives, Workspace types, workflows, charts, etc.  
  • Contract Types – Sales, Purchase, NDA & Relationships between Master Contract, Contract, Business Partners 
  • Management of Stages – Supporting document phases from draft to signature to completion  
  • Workflows – Support for agreement processes through various business workspaces 
  • Digital Signature Integrations – DocuSign and OpenText™ Core Signature 

Enterprise Asset Management for SAP integrations, document control, resource maintenance and inventory control 

With the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) business scenario that integrates with SAP, organizations can simplify document control, resource maintenance and inventory control to boost productivity and streamline process workflows.

  • Departmental Page – A role-specific entry point and access to EAM processes 
  • Pre-Configured Tools – Templates, perspectives, Workspace types, workflows, WebReports, and SAP AAK packages, user groups 
  • Primary Asset Maintenance Processes support – Technical Object Files, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance  
  • Seamless Integrations – SAP and Fiori Apps integrations  

Learn more about the benefits of turnkey solutions  

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more from our experts about how these new Extended ECM Business Scenarios deliver departmental content management solutions for the modern workplace.  

You can also interact directly with the Business Scenarios click-tour demo to see these various new uses cases in action or visit our website to explore the OpenText Extended ECM Platform and how we’re helping organizations master information for modern work environments. 

Lee Van Cromvoirt

As part of the OpenText Content Services team focused on the Extended ECM Platform, Lee's goal is to help customers explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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