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OpenText™ AppWorks™ is a low-code development platform for building engaging, smart and easy-to-deploy process automation and dynamic case management applications. It enables users with minimal or no coding experience to create new software capabilities that get to the heart of digital initiatives and accelerate them. Check out the latest OpenText of Cloud Editions (CE) announcement to learn more about the most recent release.  

August 2022: What’s new in OpenText AppWorks CE 22.3

End-user enhancements

Recent enhancements give developers more control over UI responsiveness and how users are able to interact with items presented in a grid view. Additionally, the user profile page has been updated to provide an option to select a preferred locale for the user interface, and further enhancements to integration with OpenText™ Documentum™ gives users more control when versioning and renaming documents from AppWorks applications.

June 2022: What’s new in OpenText AppWorks CE 22.2

User experience enhancements

Recent enhancements include a new interactive report view for lists that allows end users to gain insight into their data, enhanced integrations with OpenText™ Documentum and OpenText™ AppEnhancer (formerly OpenText™ ApplicationXtender) and a new user profile feature that allows application users to update their profile image and manage up to five email signatures in their user profile, including a default signature.

Contract management updates

Enhancements to the contract obligations feature in OpenText™ Contract Center further increase efficiency by allowing users to set timers for contractual commitments and add escalation instructions to provide additional clarity. Also, contract authors now have the option to add custom rules at the clause level of a contract, improving productivity and enhancing the authoring experience. 

February 2021: What’s new in OpenText AppWorks Cloud CE 22.1 

Developer enhancements 

In Cloud Edition (CE) 22.1, new REST APIs for integrating AppWorks’ task management and business workspace with other systems provide a modern approach to integration – one that performs well, is highly scalable, simple, and easy to modify and extend. In addition, improved error handling capabilities make it easier for a caseworker to recognize and correct mistakes and exceptions.  

Greater control over contractual obligations 

For OpenText™ Contract Center, a new Obligation Management feature allows contractual obligations to be defined, managed and tracked, increasing staff efficiency and ensuring commitments are visible and appropriately managed. Additional personalization options offer users greater control over email notifications, and an enhanced UI provides more space on the screen, making it easier to find relevant contract details. 

December 2021: What’s new in OpenText AppWorks CE 21.4 

User-friendly enhancements 

Enhancements include the ability for users to save filters for reuse, a streamlined UI for faster performance and a refreshed layout for case histories with business-friendly messages that provide a holistic view of a case. In Contract Center, CE 21.4 enables business analysts to add attributes on their own. 

More building blocks for developers 

Additional AppWorks Case Accelerator enhancements help developers get a head start on building applications, and a new JavaScript API for the AppWorks client simplifies customizations. The API allows your custom code to embed seamlessly into the end-user experience. 

July 2021: What’s new in OpenText AppWorks CE 21.3 

Deliver seamless experiences 

Enhancements in AppWorks CE 21.3 provide deeper integration with OpenText™ Documentum™, including improvements to user experience and productivity by enabling the seamless editing of Microsoft Office documents stored in Documentum and streamlining the steps required to access, edit and save those documents. AppWorks CE 21.3 also includes improvements to UI performance and responsiveness, and additional enhancements to support Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance.  

Accelerate development cycles 

The AppWorks Case Accelerator adds enhancements to further simplify and reduce development cycles. These enhancements include new no-code configuration capabilities for quickly implementing both document checklists and granular, task-level process flows in support of straight-through processing, as well as defining the behavior of rejected tasks in AppWorks applications. 

April 2021: What’s new in OpenText AppWorks 21.2 

Enhance user experience 

Performance and user experience enhancements include responsive configuration and display of grids, improved performance of form rendering, reducing steps to streamline development, and integration with OpenText™ Intelligent Viewing, a cloud-first universal file viewing solution that offers secure viewing and collaboration.  

Accelerate time to value 

The AppWorks Case Accelerator adds a new import utility enabling administrators to quickly implement pre-configured Quick Start packages for faster time to value.  

Simplify contract authoring 

For Contract Center, enhanced full-text search capabilities for contract metadata and content in OpenText™ Content Suite simplify contract authoring. Users can also now gain better visibility into contract list views and easily identify multiple, functional stakeholders associated with a contract and their respective roles. Tighter integration with OpenText™ Extended ECM also makes emails and other content stored within Extended ECM available for viewing within the content workspace preview panel. 

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