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Over the past year, I’ve had many conversations with Documentum™ customers. Some were long-time customers, some are much more recent, but as we’ve discussed previously…

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May 7, 20184 minute read

Over the past year, I’ve had many conversations with Documentum customers. Some were long-time customers, some are much more recent, but as we’ve discussed previously in this space, nearly all of them are watching closely to measure the OpenText commitment to Documentum’s future and most were carefully watching for the first Documentum update.

Today, we are very excited to announce the release of Documentum 16.4, the latest release for one of the long-standing leaders in Enterprise Content Management. This release represents the investment that OpenText has made in Documentum since its acquisition. We’ve made a strong effort to raise our game with this update, adding more new features and delivering more new value than we were planning to deliver prior to the acquisition.

Before we dive into this release, a quick word regarding the versioning for this update. To help its customers implement products and solutions across its portfolio, OpenText strives to match product versions across all of its solutions. We believe this helps our customers ensure compatibility across different solutions and technologies. So, nearly every product released this quarter by OpenText carries the version 16.4. Okay, let’s jump in…

Delivering Value

Documentum delivers value across the entire platform, with nearly every component being updated. Rather than itemize all of the updates, let’s consider the key themes for this release:

  • TCO Reduction: new tools and options that simplify and reduce the costs of deploying and administering Documentum implementations
  • User Productivity: enabling end users to be more productive working with Documentum and content stored within Documentum
  • Mobility: newly rebranded tools and integrations that enable you to access Documentum content and participate in associated workflows
  • Integrations: adding new capabilities and delivering new value by taking advantage of OpenText technologies

Let’s explore some highlights of the Documentum 16.4 release:

TCO Reduction

We continue to focus on reducing the time and effort required to implement and maintain Documentum. In Documentum 16.4, we’ve made it easier to support cloud and hybrid implementations. To reduce storage costs, we’ve added support for native S3 storage. Further, Documentum xCP includes improved deployment options and adds support for lightweight system objects (LWSO). Each of these enhancements delivers real value and lowers the total cost of ownership for Documentum customers.

User Productivity

Documentum Search Autofill

Gaining and maintaining user adoption is critical to the success of your Documentum implementation. In addition to the new mobility options, described below, we’ve further enhanced our user experience:

  • In all Documentum clients, we’ve enhanced the search capabilities by adding predictive autofill capabilities. Just as with familiar web browsers, Documentum anticipates your most likely search terms and auto fills these values, reducing typing mistakes and yielding more likely results. Further, Documentum Search will now return synonyms, homonyms, and suggest related content based on the context of the current content and activity.
  • In Documentum D2, we have simplified the login process, enabling users to log in directly to selected applications and the content contribution process, improving navigation, applying the same profile and metadata to all created content, and allowing workflows to automatically be triggered.

D2 Content Contribution


To support our customers’ increased needs for mobile solutions, we have provided mobile options for a wide range of use cases.

  • We recently rebranded D2 Mobile (formerly LEAP Express) to provide a new experience for users who need secure mobile access to D2 content and workflows, including remote users outside of the enterprise or firewall. Documents may be downloaded for offline access or viewed remotely, regardless of the file format, while enabling editing using native mobile apps.
  • D2 Mobile

  • For more task-centric uses, Documentum xCP now integrates with Courier for securely sharing documents to users who do not normally use Documentum xCP, as well as for remote users. Documents can be automatically shared to Courier, enabling organizations to securely collaborate on content with remote users—including partners or customers—synchronizing content with xCP after the collaboration is complete.
  • Finally, the new integration with OpenText Core to securely share documents with users, wherever they are and on whatever device they are using, including mobile devices.


As part of the OpenText family, we now have access to a wide range of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies. In this release, we’ve integrated a number of them. Two highlights include:

  • OpenText Brava! and OpenText Blazon deliver improved document viewing for a wide variety of Office, graphic, and CAD formats, improving the user experience and enabling viewing of documents, even if the native applications are not available.
  • Brava Viewer

  • Information Hub provides improved insight into Documentum performance, usage, trends, and more, offering additional insight to allow you to make better decisions.

Documentum 16.4 includes a significant number of valuable enhancements that we’re convinced will provide you real value, and we want to hear your thoughts. Learn more about Documentum.

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