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Get insights across all your software delivery environments on a single platform

Gain broader visibility and improve quality and collaboration with OpenText ValueEdge 23.3

Software development is a complex, multi-stage process that spans many teams, tools, and methods of working. To manage this complicated process, those teams need a reliable, connected way to track progress, identify defects, and pinpoint where to improve. The OpenText™ ValueEdge platform helps today’s enterprises do this with the latest release, Cloud Editions (CE) 23.3. This release improves visibility and traceability end to end—from planning to delivery—even when dealing with multiple shared environments.

screenshot of ValueEdge CE 23.3 displaying ID, Name, Type, Owner, Stage type, Environmental tags, ...
OpenText ValueEdge improves visibility and traceability end to end – even through multiple shared environments.

Save time by pinpointing issues

Part of the software delivery process includes deploying code to several controlled environments, usually a development or build environment, testing or staging environment, and a live production environment. Keeping these environments separate and synced while ensuring the correct code is deployed at the right time is no easy task and requires the ability to track requirements, unify test and quality information, and quickly mitigate risks when found.

With this innovation for ValueEdge, your teams can now pinpoint exactly where issues occur, significantly cutting down on the time spent tracking issues and risks. Each item can be traced to a specific environment in the software delivery process as shared environment visibility enables your teams to get the insights and metrics they need in a single platform.

Plan specific and complete tests

In addition, your quality assurance teams or owners will now be able to plan test runs on specific test environments that will cover all relevant operating systems, databases and other deployment configurations. It will also allow mapping of automation test runs to the environments they ran on. Any risk, test failure or quality issue (defect) will be related to the specific environment where it occurred. What really matters is avoiding risk over specific deployments, and this is enabled with the ValueEdge platform.

With ValueEdge 23.3, you’ll be able to

  • Simplify management and gain broader insights for administrators and end users to track activities and test status and defects across all development and production environments.
  • Increase software quality with increased traceability of issues and defects to specific environments.
  • Identify automation test failures coming from your environments and increase software quality with preplanning of tests to provide quality coverage.

Learn more about the ValueEdge platform here, or read more about this release.

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George Harot

George is the Director of Product Marketing for Application Delivery solutions, based in London, UK.

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