What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture Release 16

The capture market continues to evolve both in terms of expanded use cases and extended automation capabilities, with today’s capture market has moved beyond the…

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July 10, 20194 minutes read

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The capture market continues to evolve both in terms of expanded use cases and extended automation capabilities, with today’s capture market has moved beyond the mailroom to embrace mobile capture, machine learning and AI. Leading capture analyst, Harvey Spencer Associates, projects 10% + growth rates for the capture market through 2022. Given that document and data capture is the starting point of any digital transformation initiative, OpenText™ is investing heavily to both support existing customers in their transformation and deliver next generation capture automation solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding capture environments.

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture Release 16 EP6 leverages the existing Captiva platform and includes many of the core capture technologies from OpenText. With development and innovation focused on a single solution, the product can meet the needs of an expanding capture market and support organizational agility in transitioning capture to the cloud. OpenText Intelligent Capture supports the widest range of line of business applications:

  • Basic scanning, imaging and archiving
  • Advanced Recognition- including automating classification and data extraction of incoming documents
  • Enterprise scalability and security supports the widest range of capture applications

The 16.6 release combines these proven capabilities within the Intelligent Capture platform with new features, focusing specifically on user experience, security and streamlined process automation.

Intuitive user experience and ergonomic UI enhancements

At first glance, the user might recognize “Single Click Entry” as another way of doing rubber band or machine assisted OCR indexing, but Single Click Entry offers much more in terms of user productivity: with SCE, you get a tool-tip that shows the operator what field they are on without having to look at the form side of the screen. The user is intuitively presented with the OCR’d data as they move the cursor over the image. Finally, they see the data in context and recognize if that data has passed client-side validation checks. Once the user chooses and clicks on the desired data, if it passes the validation checks for that field, then the operator is automatically taken to the next field needing attention, with the cursor tool-tip changing to the new field, etc. In summary, extracting data using SCE is ergonomic and enhanced user productivity with a “click, click, click, and you’re done” approach to validating data extraction.

Updated Security and improved encryption

Next, 16.6 includes enhancements for both security and data encryption. The key elements include:

  • Data at-rest encryption for our Intelligent Capture Real-Time/ REST subsystem
  • Ability to use port 443 for all client-server traffic as many data centers are locking down all firewall ports other than 443 between all servers.

This additional application-level encryption options for data-in-flight and data-at-rest provides the safest configuration in today’s reality of attacks originating inside the corporate firewall.

Extending existing OpenText capture automation technologies to the Intelligent Capture Platform: “SnapMatch”

Another enhancement within the new solutions is SnapMatch which runs as a “field population rule engine”- imagine using it to look at all the text on an invoice and come up with the Vendor ID, which is typically never actually on the invoice itself, but can be determined by looking at all the names, addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Or running the entire text of an email through the SnapMatch engine to determine which customer sent the email- again, looking at names, email addresses or account number in the email. Once it finds a matching record, it can put the information in context, auto-populating one or many form fields with the rest of the data from that same record.

With the 16.6 release and a strong focus on user experience, security and automation, OpenText Intelligent Capture delivers a single enterprise capture solution, streamlining process automation and integrating with all leading information management systems.

Learn more:

Discover all the latest innovations in OpenText Content Services here, and read more about OpenText Release 16, OpenText Cloud and OpenText OT2 here.

Read the new whitepaper detailing how to deploy Captiva to Azure (coming soon) or visit our website to learn more.

For OpenText customers looking for enhanced reporting and administrative dashboards, we now offer custom Captiva templates for OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting. Check your My Support account to see which templates are right for you (log on required).

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