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What’s new in OpenText Documentum CE 20.4

New innovations improve remote-worker efficiency, accuracy and decision making

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to allow workers to securely access information and drive processes from any location and on any device. With the new release of OpenText™ Documentum™ CE 20.4, we’ve made security, productivity, and process improvements across the Documentum platform to help people can get their job done wherever they are working.

Documentum Platform

Security improvements include mandatory events, to ensure multiple logins and failed login attempts are tracked, especially if they are from different locations. And two-man oversite of audit trails eliminates the risk of accidental or malicious tampering by a super-user.

For customers moving to the cloud, an update calculator is now included with the containerized release to help customers manage the cost and impact of a container update. New certifications include Azure blob storage to help reduce the costs of storing content in Azure.

Documentum D2

In Documentum D2, we continue to focus on enhancing the Smart View to work more intuitively and across more use cases.

Task Management in the Smart View allows users to easily manage, approve or reject workflow tasks.

For users, the new in-place viewer provides a seamless way to preview content without having to exit their current working environment.

For Administrators, the D2-Config application can now be used with Google Chrome—a popular feature request from customers.

Documentum D2 Mobile – home screen and task list

Documentum D2 Mobile, the free mobile app for Documentum D2 customers, now allows users to scan barcodes for immediate access to the latest information. Workflow tasks can now be accessed from the home screen and can be actioned to speed up workflows.

Documentum xCP case management

Documentum xCP CE 20.4 simplifies the development of dynamic, case-management solutions by enhancing the OOTB (Out of the Box) application that stands as the starting point for mapping to specific processes.

A graphical case lifecycle view shows the overall case progress at a quick glance.

The new Case Management Framework assists in building Smart Applications using enhancements in the OOTB starting-point application—including the ability to search custom objects, sort results dynamically, and import task attachments from local file systems. All of which enables faster implementation cycles.

In addition to updates to the Documentum portfolio, OpenText continues to enhance solutions that build on the Documentum platform, including OpenText Extended ECM Documentum for SAP® Solutions, OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences solutions, and Documentum solutions designed for the Energy & Engineering industries.

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George Harot

George is a Product Marketing Director for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, based in London, UK.

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