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What’s new in OpenText Core Share 21.1 and Core Signature 21.1

March 2021 marked a further milestone for OpenTextTM Core Share and OpenTextTM Core Signature with new features including metadata synchronization between OpenTextTM Content Suite and Core Share; Microsoft Office365 mobile editing for Android devices, a new Canadian-based data center, and more!

Core Share 21.1 provides users with new features, allowing for richer, anywhere, anytime access to content; and enhanced control over how documents can be viewed, interacted with, and shared – inside and outside of the organization.

The new features in Core Share 21.1 enhance the cloud-based file sharing and collaboration experience by providing:

Metadata synchronization between Core Share and Content Suite

One of the most-requested enhancements the team has heard surrounds improving how metadata is managed and shared between Core Share and Content Suite. Core Share 21.1 now includes:

  • Profile Mapping: Map metadata profiles created in Core Share with Content Server. Admins can now map metadata profiles directly from the Core Share Metadata list by simply using the Metadata Synchronization tool in Content Server Administration. A list of available metadata profiles in the Core Share tenant connected to the Content Server instance is brought up and the Content Server Admin simply assigns a name for the profile and clicks “Add” – the profile will now be available for application to any files and folders that are shareable via Content Server to Core Share.
  • Metadata Synchronization:  Any Content Server metadata Category applied to a shared file or folder with Core Share will be modifiable by collaborators with any changes/entries automatically synchronized back to Content Server. For example, a file with the “Contract Details” Category applied to it – with Contract Name, Contract Number, and Vendor Tax Code – can be applied in Content Server and shared with a vendor via Core Share with Vendor Tax Code left blank for the vendor to complete. The Vendor adds “Tax00001” as their code using the “Metadata” profile for the shared file in Core Share. When the Content Server user checks the Category information for that shared file, they will now see “Tax00001” – extremely powerful and valuable stuff!

Deeper integrations

The latest version of Core Share introduces viewing and editing on Android devices using Microsoft Office365 mobile apps. With the Core Share app (available on Google Play), users can now access, share, edit, and collaborate on Microsoft Office files right from their Android (v7.0 and above) device.

Brand new Canadian Data Center

Canadian customers who require their data to be stored and managed within the country can now take advantage of the new Core Share and Core Signature data center to have all content and user data stored in Canada.

Expanded global access for Core Signature Add-On

Customers can now add Core Signature capabilities for securely sending and managing documents for electronic signature from their Asia-Pacific-based Core Share tenants. Additionally, OpenText now offers self-service management options for Core Signature. To sign up for a free trial of Core Signature, visit our web page.

Extended language support

Users can now select Hebrew as their language of preference, in addition to French and English, while working in Core Share.

Enhanced notification capabilities

This version introduces two new notification types for Core Share users: App Extension completion notifications let App creators know when someone has completed their App, and Share Expiry notifications warn collaborators of an impending expiration of a shared file or folder.

Be sure to check out this video to see these and other new capabilities.

Lisa Meranger

Lisa Meranger is a Senior Product Marketing Manager focused on OpenText Enterprise Content Services/Cloud offerings. She has extensive knowledge and experience across major technology areas, including analytics, content management, information security and cloud software. Lisa is passionate about bringing new products to market that help organizations address their most pressing business challenges.

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