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Axcelerate delivers enhanced BI to keep eDiscovery projects on time and within budget  

Why business intelligence is essential to eDiscovery 

Business intelligence is a critical tool for legal operations and their in-house legal teams to improve matter management and drive informed strategic decision-making to improve efficiency and reduce costs. At the same time, good business intelligence tools can help legal teams better budget, properly manage day-to-day legal operations—including the daunting task of resource allocation across multiple matters—and catch problems before they occur and easily keep other stakeholders informed.  

Axcelerate introduces enhanced BI for faster decision-making and cost control

In CE 22.4, OpenText Axcelerate introduces a new business intelligence platform powered by Magellan Business Intelligence and Reporting (MBIR), integrated into the platform, for legal teams to  derive deeper insights faster for better oversight of projects, to more easily assess reviewer productivity and see where and why overturns are occurring.  

The addition of MBIR reduces the need for custom configuration of dashboards, enhances usability and provides new insight within individual reports with more robust menus. Reviewers and review project managers can better forecast the effort required to complete projects, see the bottlenecks across projects by individual reviewer and assure that overturns won’t cause an eleventh-hour threat to completing projects on time.  

Specific capabilities empower legal operations and their stakeholders to:  

  1. See the details across projects to make sure they are resourced for success from the outset; 
  1. Avoid productivity losses that could compromise completion dates by seeing how individual reviewers are progressing to guide them back to path early; and, 
  1. Effectively audit and manage overturns to train reviewers and avoid substantial rework late in the project timeline. 

Fully embedded capabilities for optimal out-of-the box performance  

Axcelerate’s new business intelligence framework is based on the OpenText™ Magellan™ Business Intelligence and Reporting (MBIR) platform.

By embedding the world-class MBIR capabilities into Axcelerate, OpenText is able to provide enhanced functionality, increased value and is now able to fully control the quality that is delivered. MBIR is not a bolt-on application – the Magellan Text Mining Engine libraries have been fully ingested into Axcelerate for optimal performance. The enhanced value comes at no extra cost and eliminates the need for third-party reporting tool add-ons. 

All business intelligence reports have been transformed in the new platform with additional avenues of insight available. 22.4 will also include a new audit logging report to track when users log in and out of Axcelerate so review project managers can monitor review activity by user.  

Learn more about Axcelerate here.

Rachel Teisch

Rachel Teisch is Senior Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. She brings nearly two decades of experience in eDiscovery, and is responsible for product marketing for the OpenText Discovery suite of products. She most recently served as Vice President, Marketing, at Catalyst Repository Systems, which was acquired by OpenText in January 2019 and is now part of the OpenText Discovery portfolio.

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