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Unstructured content is everywhere in an organization. It’s floating, filed, hidden, hoarded, siloed and stored in innumerable repositories across the enterprise. It includes emails, videos,…

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September 21, 20184 minute read

Unstructured content is everywhere in an organization. It’s floating, filed, hidden, hoarded, siloed and stored in innumerable repositories across the enterprise. It includes emails, videos, documents, pictures, presentations, social media, and much more. I’d be willing to bet you don’t even know some of it exists within your enterprise—or where to find it if you need it.

Now, imagine if you had the ability to instantly access critical information on demand. And you could do it seamlessly via the application or interface you use the most every day. Your productivity would increase. The business processes you contribute to would generate results faster, be more accurate and result in better products and services delivered. Only by putting this unstructured content into context, will it thrive and deliver critical insights for those who need it most.

Identifying, contextualizing and harnessing the value of this information is what’s fueling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise. Organizations are utilizing a new generation of content services to extend and integrate their ECM platform into the applications and processes where content is produced and, often, stored. Content is analyzed at the moment of creation; metadata is automatically applied and predetermined legal and regulatory provisions are affixed. The availability of this new content is fed back through the enterprise to users who can access it using personalized workspaces integrated into the productivity tools they most commonly use.

As organizations innovate, they’re deploying robots, drones and other smart devices for tasks such as inspection of pipelines, utility towers, rail lines and other remote assets. They’re safer, more cost-effective, provide almost instantaneous feedback and, let’s face it, pretty darn cool tech! They also produce almost unimaginable amounts of digital data. Data that has to be classified, stored, retrieved and distributed to the people and processes that need it.

See an example of how using content services to connect unstructured digital content with lead systems is fundamentally changing business processes. OpenText solutions such as OpenText Digital Asset Management and OpenText Extended ECM, along with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions, are helping transform the impact drones have on everything from plant maintenance to service delivery.

Video explaning how intelligent and connect content drives business processes
See how OpenText and SAP Solutions are helping customers manage and embed new content types like IoT data and video into core business processes to better manage risk and lower costs.

The future is more data, from more sources, with more uses, accessed on demand…

Managing video content by integrating business processes is just one example in a sea of infinite possibilities. The trend of utilizing the IoT to generate information that needs to be managed in the context of business processes is rising. Think robots on an assembly line scheduling their own maintenance calls. Think just-in-time inventory management in an automated warehouse regularly reporting on stock levels and supplier performance.

Four ways content services are enabling content-enriched business processes to drive the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise

  • Elevated lead application capabilities: Increase power of business systems by injecting more information when and where its needed to better optimize the supply chain, develop successful products, optimize asset performance, or best engage with a customer. Maximize lead business app investment and extract more value from your content. Extend and connect intelligent content to ANY business process application.
  • Improved business processes: Increase overall company outcomes by enriching business processes with critical content that holds unrecognized insights.
  • Empower employee productivity: Enable business teams to know, see and do more, allowing them to make faster and smarter decisions.
  • One version of the truth: Increase visibility of unstructured content across the organization, putting it in context in structured business systems for all to consume. Everyone is on the same page, including external parties such as customers, partners, suppliers and regulators.

Connecting content to digital business is the foundation of the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and is driving digital transformation

To learn more about the OpenText approach to content services, watch the Content Services keynote from this year’s Enterprise World, and, for deeper insight into the evolution of ECM to content services, read this AIIM 2018 Industry Survey Report.

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