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E-signature: Why offering customers more choice is vital 

More choicemore agility, and more flexibility. 

These are key requirements when selecting applications to keep your remote workforce productive. Organizations need to find new digital approaches, but they want to maintain control over what they select, ensuring the best fit for their business and applications that encourage user adoption. With more employees working remotely, and face-to-face meetings with customers becoming progressively more difficultobtaining original signatures on documents and agreements can be a real challenge, and one that can directly impact the sales cycle.

To address both business needs and customer demands, OpenText has expanded the available options to enable organizations to incorporate electronic signature into their business processes.

OpenTextTM Core Signaturenables employees and partners to sign quotes, contracts, and other documents in a fast, compliant, and hassle-free way.  By reducing the time and burden associated with the paper signature process, companies of all sizes can streamline the signature process to close business faster. And by extending the options for how Core Signature can be enabled, companies will see rapid improvements in overall productivity.  

With the recent announcement of Core Signature as a standalone SaaS application, employees can get up and running quickly incorporating e-signature into their daily work processes to sign and send documents. It is priced competitively to other e-signature applications in the market with no hidden costs, providing the best value for businesses wanting a simple, yet secure approach to digital signing.

For businesses wanting to layer e-signature capabilities into existing applications,  developers can leverage Core Signature Service to easily customize and integrate secure, rapid electronic signing for document preparation. The service provides enterprise customers with the ability to build e-signature process flows within new applications and existing OpenText solutions. OpenText OEM partners can also leverage Core Signature Service to build signing capabilities into new applications or third-party solutions for their customers. 

For businesses wanting to add e-signature capacities to their collaboration process, Core Signature integrated with Core Share, provides an end-to-end content collaboration and electronic signature solution for the enterprise. This is the ideal option for companies that wish to share files from their existing content repositories –to collaborate safely in the cloud with external customers, partners and vendors and facilitate the signing and approval processes with Core Signature. 

These options allow companies freedom of choice when selecting how they choose to enable e-signature. By expanding OpenText Core Signature into new markets and delivery models, customers can incorporate electronic signature into their business processes in a way that best suits their needs.  

Try for yourself!  OpenText Core Signature free trial is available today.

Lisa Meranger

Lisa Meranger is a Senior Product Marketing Manager focused on OpenText Enterprise Content Services/Cloud offerings. She has extensive knowledge and experience across major technology areas, including analytics, content management, information security and cloud software. Lisa is passionate about bringing new products to market that help organizations address their most pressing business challenges.

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