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Announcing OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 22.4 

Latest innovations unveiled at OpenText World 2022

Today’s enterprises face massive disruption, including a distributed workforce, cybersecurity threats, changing customer expectations and global regulatory shifts, creating a need for new digital transformation strategies. As a leader in information management, our mission is to provide the technology and trusted guidance to accelerate these transformations, to power and protect information, and create modern work environments for our customers that are frictionless, automated and sustainable. 

The latest innovations in OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 22.4, announced today, are part of our Project Titanium roadmap designed to deliver the next generation of our cloud platform and business solutions. With OpenText CE 22.4, we have delivered key innovations that drive seamless integrated information management in the cloud and simplify experiences for our customers in today’s complex environment. 

Innovations in OpenText Content Cloud 

Empowering workforces is critical to meet the challenges of the digital world. OpenText™ Content Cloud helps our customers master modern work by connecting content to digital business.  

In OpenText Content Cloud CE 22.4, we have delivered innovations that enable our customers to work seamlessly across Microsoft® and OpenText™ Core Content. Our latest integration with Microsoft gives customers the ability to open or save documents to Core Content directly from Microsoft Office desktop applications, as well as view, edit, and co-author Microsoft Office documents directly within Core Content – boosting productivity while maintaining content integrity. 

We have also been helping our customers adapt to the changing market quicker than ever with a growing Business Process Library of ready-to-run business scenario templates in OpenText™ Extended ECM. In CE 22.4, we have introduced a new Real Estate Management Business Scenario template which streamlines management of globally dispersed real estate assets – a time-intensive process all enterprise organizations face. For more information on other available business scenario templates click here

Also in CE 22.4, customers can now connect to more SAP applications by integrating SAP S/4HANA Harmonized Document Management with OpenText Extended ECM. Now our Extended ECM customers can connect to SAP applications faster, with less customization and resource investment. 

Additionally, OpenText continues to manage the risks associated with eDiscovery through enhancements to OpenText™ Axcelerate which are improving productivity for legal teams. With 22.4, our customers can now uncover deeper insights into eDiscovery review faster with a new configurable dashboard and reporting framework based on the Magellan Business Intelligence and Reporting (MBIR) platform. This new feature comes at no extra cost and eliminates the need for costly third-party reporting tool add-ons.

Innovations in OpenText Business Network Cloud 

As the world becomes ever more connected and supply chain networks more complex, organizations require the ability to seamlessly integrate and exchange information with their trading partners. OpenText™ Business Network Cloud enables our customers to optimize operations by connecting trading partners, people, systems and the Internet of Things on a single integrated platform. 

Innovations delivered in OpenText Business Network Cloud Foundation continue to build on our previous launches. CE 22.4 gives companies of any size the ability to collaborate with external partners and exchange documents seamlessly with the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Order to Cash Adapter Kit. The solution provides an out-of-the-box adapter kit to exchange key business documents, such as sales orders, confirmations, order changes, invoices, ASNs and remittance advices, without the need for any electronic data interchange (EDI knowledge).

Innovations in OpenText Experience Cloud

Creating customer-centric experiences is critical in today’s digital world. OpenText Experience Cloud helps brands deliver relevant, data-driven and modern omnichannel communications-centric experiences. With OpenText™ Experience Cloud CE 22.4, we have delivered innovations that increase relevancy, consistency and responsiveness across the customer journey with unified communication and experience tools including two new out of the box solutions that solve for – Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Digital Experience Management (DXM) use cases. These new solutions are integrated in a unified environment that brings together authoring, content, customer data and task management across many OpenText applications – Exstream (CCM), TeamSite (WCM/CMS), Media Management (DAM), Experience CDP, and Core Experience Insights – and delivers it all within a composable platform with a consistent user experience. Additional enhancements to OpenText™ Exstream and OpenText™ TeamSite are critical to these new solutions. 

OpenText™ Exstream™ is lowering marketing design and content development costs and accelerating time to market for communications that need to be delivered across multiple channels and formats. These new enhancements include a flexible integration with electronic signature including Core Signature for document authorization, as well as testing and simulation for interactive communications and new back-end orchestration processes for channels like Push and SMS.  

At the core of every customer experience platform is OpenText™ TeamSite™ and in 22.4 we introduce a composable user experience that customers can use to configure unique workspaces to improve productivity and surface relevant data insights for improved decision making. Combined with a new integration to Google BigQuery, web developers and content creators will benefit from real-time data processing to drive more personalized experiences.

Innovations in OpenText Security Cloud

In an increasingly data-driven world, being able to conduct effective digital investigations is critical for any organization and their cyber resilience posture. With OpenText Security Cloud, our customers can build and sustain an information advantage with advanced digital forensics and threat detection and response.  

Security updates in CE 22.4 are designed to modernize forensic digital investigations and improve overall incident response with new cloud connectors for Facebook Messenger, Slack and Microsoft 365 Archive. With support for these cloud connectors, investigators can now collect more evidence from cloud-based applications. We have also delivered the ability to conduct Mac collections, providing enhanced investigative support for environments where users have shifted from Windows to macOS devices. 

For our enterprise security customers, we have also added the ability to conduct off-VPN anomaly detection and manage custom automated response actions. In addition, they now can  

 collect and analyze Packet Capture (PCAP) samples originating from any PCAP provider to detect network intrusions and other suspicious activity with OpenText™ Network Detection & Response.

Innovations in OpenText Developer Cloud 

Developers want the power to manage their applications seamlessly. Engaging developers where they learn and work, OpenText™ Developer Cloud CE 22.4 brings a set of important changes that speak to our commitment to reducing friction for developers while they learn about our cloud API services.  

With CE 22.4, developers can promote new applications and make updates to existing applications using Visual Studio (VS) Code Extensions with Application Life-cycle Management Service. This enhancement makes it easier for developers to deploy service artifacts that have been built using VS Code.

Join us at OpenText World

OpenText CE 22.4 continues to deliver on the Project Titanium roadmap, delivering seamless integrated information management in the cloud. For more information on our latest innovations, visit our blog page.  

Join me during my Technology Innovation Keynote and Innovation Demo Showcase as I kick off Day 2 of OpenText World 2022 in Las Vegas.

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Muhi Majzoub

Muhi S. Majzoub is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for OpenText. Joining the company in 2012, Muhi has held various senior executive positions. He currently leads the development organization to define the vision and strategy for OpenText products and their transition to the cloud. Prior to OpenText, Muhi was Chief of Products for NorthgateArinso, where he was responsible for defining the company's product vision, strategy and the development life cycle. He focused on consolidating the late software portfolio and developing new product capabilities for both cloud and on-premises solutions. Muhi has also held the position of Senior Vice President of Product Development for CA, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of the common technology platform and components and integration strategy. Prior to CA, Muhi was Vice President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation. During his tenure at Oracle, he was responsible for the delivery of the Sales Automation Suite, including Sales Online TeleSales, Sales Compensation, Sales Intelligence and many other Internet technology projects, such as Oracle Store, and the MetaLink TAR system. Muhi attended San Francisco State University.

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