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Take a total experience approach using DXM

Introducing a breadth of enhancements for business users and developers to easily build composable experiences, integrate with Google BigQuery or use new cloud APIs for other systems

Companies are rapidly adapting to demands for new digital experiences as part of the next normal after two pandemic years. Enhancing customer experience and improving employee productivity are top of mind. But many organizations maintain older, disparate systems for web content management, digital asset management, data and analytics. Modernization is a long-term strategy, but many organizations need an approach with short-term agility to easily turn on technology to meet their unique digital experience management (DXM) needs across web, mobile and related online experiences.  

OpenTextTM Experience DXM offers a composable set of solutions in a unified, cohesive environment. OpenTextTM TeamSiteTM, OpenTextTM Media Management, OpenTextTM Optimost, OpenTextTM Experience CDP and OpenTextTM Customer Experience Insights (CXI) allow companies to amplify content with personalized, relevant experiences for all stakeholders. Organizations can rely on OpenText Experience DXM to help accelerate digital transformation, maximize customer engagement and improve customer experience and satisfaction at every touchpoint in the journey. The solution also extends to CXM and provides a unique intelligent, authenticated workspace for marketing and business users. Out-of-the-box components help customers quickly get started. New APIs, direct navigation and enhancements to OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) for authentication further helps customers take a composable approach. 

A laptop displays a digital portal workspace in OpenText TeamSite.
A digital portal workspace in OpenText TeamSite.

New Google integrations for BigQuery and Audiences 

With the launch of OpenTextTM Experience Cloud 22.4, a new GoogleTM BigQueryTM integration provides a connector to the data warehouse that enables machine learning predictive models to automate personalization and targeting. Google integration enhancements track clicks and action attributes to help evaluate the performance of experiments. New import capabilities for Optimost unifies audience data in Google and OpenText.  

New enhanced features for developers and customizations

The release of OpenText Experience Cloud 22.4 brings enhancements to Experience Studio with native MyTask features and added functionality to improve usability. There are enhancements to high-availability options for database structures. There are also enhancements to developer experiences including the use of React with components and developer support for deletions and search.  

Enhanced workflow management and usability for Media Management 

Media Management 22.4 has a re-designed job launcher to simplify workflow initiation. There is improved usability when creating and filling out job launch and briefing forms. New creative review and asset request workflows help streamline processes for creatives. Other improvements include a faster upload of folders using Accelerated File Transfer and Shareable Shortlinks for Collections with embedded access request to preserve confidentiality. All features from Media Management 22.1, 22.2, 22.3 and 22.4 are now available to all customers, including on-premise deployments. Feature highlights include usage tracking API, integration framework, Vidyard connector, Google Video AI, publishing automation, intuitive reports dashboard and Digital Hub scalability improvements.  

OpenText Experience DXM can help businesses take a total experience approach to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a composable platform that works across an ecosystem of technologies while being modular and quickly deployable to solve for specific digital experience management use cases. Learn more about how OpenText Experience DXM can help accelerate your modernization journey.  

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Greg Dierickse

Greg Dierickse has been helping customers improve their digital experiences for over 20 years, including roles as product and marketing manager at Dell EMC, HP, and Oracle. Greg uses his first-hand experience running web and digital marketing teams to better understand the diverse requirements for customers, partners and employees. Previously, Greg has worked in Canada, United States, Singapore and Shanghai, and applies a global mind-set to unique customer journeys.

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