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The best-run organizations are defined by their ability to drive technology-led transformations. The challenges of the past two years have demonstrated how technology has enabled…

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November 16, 20216 minute read

The best-run organizations are defined by their ability to drive technology-led transformations. The challenges of the past two years have demonstrated how technology has enabled organizations to be agile, productive, and creative. Being digital is the key to mastering modern work, powering modern customer experiences, digitizing supply chains, protecting from cybersecurity threats, and building the API economy.

Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 21.4, with innovations to help our customers accelerate their digital business initiatives by connecting systems, processes, and people with highly-integrated information management solutions in the cloud. These latest OpenText innovations will enable our customers to grow faster, be more efficient, embrace creativity and thrive in a world of accelerating change.

OpenText Content Cloud

The OpenText™ Content Cloud helps organizations master modern work while reducing risk by enriching business processes with content, insights, and automation.

OpenText™ Core Content continues to add innovation at a pace that is only possible in SaaS public cloud. New this quarter, OpenText Core Content for Salesforce delivers streamlined and easy-to-use content management to the sales experience. It is now integrated with Microsoft 365 for enhanced collaboration and co-authoring in Microsoft Teams, and Core Content and Core Case Management are more deeply integrated to deliver a better user and case designer experience.

We continue to invest in Private Cloud and expanded use cases for the install base. OpenText™ Documentum D2 integrated with Salesforce Sales and Services Cloud as a great example of our investment in bringing content in context of key business processes for our customers.

Finally, I am pleased to announce Safe-Workplace Playbook Management for Manufacturing from OpenText™, a new Industry solution that helps manufacturing organizations quickly digitize and distribute their operational re-start plans and procedures.

OpenText Business Network Cloud

OpenText™ Business Network Cloud digitizes supply chains, integrating systems, people, and things, and enabling businesses to seamlessly exchange information with their business partners to accelerate productivity.​

In CE 21.4, Business Network introduces a tiered approach to business integration, allowing companies of any size to seamlessly integrate with trading partners around the world. With pre-packaged, self-service capabilities, this expanded offering enables companies to manage their own trading partner communities, while also providing best-in-class integration, analytics, and compliance services in a format that is easily usable by companies of all sizes.

Other key innovations delivered in CE 21.4 include expanded capabilities in OpenText™ Active Applications to enable increased compliance and integration with external vendors and data sources, and a redesigned user experience in the OpenText™ IoT Platform, providing improved efficiency in the collection of insights and management of IoT devices in business and developer operations.

We are also announcing Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing from ​OpenText™, a solution that automates invoicing to reduce costs, human error, and resource strain while meeting government mandates in more than 45 countries.  

OpenText Experience Cloud

OpenText™ Experience Cloud powers modern customer experiences across the entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention.

In addition to our integration with Google Marketing Platform, OpenText Experience CDP now integrates with OpenText™ TeamSite and OpenText™ Exstream to further enhance targeting and dynamic personalization of customer experiences and communications. It collects and combines first-party and third-party data from across all touchpoints. This important integration helps organizations leverage multiple data sources to engage custom audiences with the OpenText Digital Experience Platform

Both TeamSite and Exstream feature new integrations with OpenText™ Media Management​ to enable content authors to select recommended media assets for placement in communications and sites​, saving time and enhancing productivity​. Innovation for Exstream also features a new High-Volume Email (HVE) integration with OpenText™ Notifications to deliver improved and expanded multichannel outreach​​.

In addition, the Experience Platform for Cities from OpenText™ solution optimizes operations and departmental services delivery, while improving citizen experiences and engagement​s. The solution includes the ability to build modern citizen, employee and supplier portals, deliver fast and personalized citizen communications, and gain insights into citizen sentiments and expectations.  

OpenText Security & Protection Cloud

OpenText™ Security and Protection Cloud delivers cyber resilience by protecting and securing data to withstand and quickly recover from cyberattacks and accidental data loss.

In CE 21.4, we are announcing a new solution: OpenText™ Digital Evidence Center, a cloud-based solution that helps law enforcement agencies close cases faster by centralizing the collection, analysis and storage of rich media and digital evidence.

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Service now covers over 1000 applications, enabling partners to enforce cloud application policies by classifying their purpose, and controlling access based on application group, name, and the specific action being performed. Additionally, the solution provides reputation scores to help assess data risk and compliance for cloud applications.

Innovations to OpenText™ EnCase Forensic and OpenText™ Endpoint Investigator are designed to​ support modern forensic investigations. New artifact release packs enable the collection of artifacts from the cloud and identification of high-activity points, simplifying evidence processing, speeding NTFS collection. We’ve also streamlined the deployment of EnCase Forensic in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

OpenText Developer Cloud

OpenText™ Developer Cloud enables developers to build, customize and integration applications faster and smarter, using a collection of Information Management API services in the cloud.

In CE 21.4, we have made our Developer Cloud API services generally available for trial and purchase in North America. Our consumption-based pricing model provides developers with the flexibility to only pay for what they use. Developer services include capture, storage, metadata, viewing, workflow, and Magellan Risk Guard.

We have also delivered a redesigned developer website for improved usability, with access to OpenText product APIs and new Developer Cloud services on a single website. 

Advanced technologies

Underpinning each of the clouds are OpenText™ Advanced Technologies, which include AI & Analytics and Digital Process Automation. Innovations to OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard, our AI-powered file analytics and risk assessment solution, include the ability to add customized personally identifiable information (PII) models and classifications to satisfy even more customer requirements and use cases, such as language and regional specific models. In addition, Magellan Risk Guard now integrates OpenText™ Intelligent Viewer to review documents in their original form while ensuring that content remains secure.​

In CE 21.4, the OpenText AppWorks Platform​ delivers new configurable workflows, additional REST APIs to enable tasks to be exposed within other applications​, and an enhanced graphical view of case history and actions.

Join us for our 2021 digital tech event

OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 21.4 is designed to enable our customers to grow faster, be more efficient, embrace creativity and thrive in a world of accelerating change.

I invite you to join me at OpenText World for my product keynote and an innovation demo showcase, where we’ll share more about these exciting innovations.    

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Muhi S. Majzoub is the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for OpenText. Joining the company in 2012, Muhi has held various senior executive positions. He currently leads the development organization to define the vision and strategy for OpenText products and their transition to the cloud. Prior to OpenText, Muhi was Chief of Products for NorthgateArinso, where he was responsible for defining the company’s product vision, strategy and the development life cycle. He focused on consolidating the late software portfolio and developing new product capabilities for both cloud and on-premises solutions. Muhi has also held the position of Senior Vice President of Product Development for CA, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of the common technology platform and components and integration strategy. Prior to CA, Muhi was Vice President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation. During his tenure at Oracle, he was responsible for the delivery of the Sales Automation Suite, including Sales Online TeleSales, Sales Compensation, Sales Intelligence and many other Internet technology projects, such as Oracle Store, Oracle.com and the MetaLink TAR system. Muhi attended San Francisco State University.

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