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An open letter to anyone switching their supply chain integration services

Dear Reader, 

If you’re here then you are at least marginally associated with some aspect of your company’s supply chain, and if you are associated with any aspect of your company’s supply chain then it comes as no surprise that supply chain integration has never been more pertinent. It’s all over the news: supply chain disruption is impacting all corners of the world. Massive container ships are idling offshore unable to dock; trucks and drivers are unavailable to move freight overland; there are the increasingly hyperbolic calls to “save the holidays” by buying now in anticipation of supply bottlenecks. Among all this, you’re having to take a hard look at your supply chain services – in some cases even against your will because of corporate spin-offs – and determine if you’re setting yourself and your company up for future resilience.

You are not alone.

Hundreds of others just like you are asking the same questions about their own supply chain integration, and in many cases coming to the same answers: it’s time to find a new partner for your supply chain integration.

There are a few factors you should seriously consider when looking to migrate to a new business network: 


The network effect is very real and very relevant. Scale is achieved by moving your supply chain into the cloud, which gives you access to the most trading partners along with insights into supplier ethical practices, an easy onboarding system for new partners, and the flexibility to react to disruptions as quickly as possible.


Supply chains are all about connectivity, and those connections are no longer just linear – they are evolving into digital supply networks. The scope of products and services that integrate into your supply chain means you can connect your business to anything (we call that B2A) to have unprecedented insight with IoT applications and API integrations. Not only that, but system-agnostic applications can connect your supply network to any other for maximum visibility. 


Changing to a new partner and continually managing your supply chain systems can be a daunting task no matter the size of your company. And you know that supply chain disruption isn’t discriminatory; it affects every business. You must balance your resource use – whether that’s the time and commitment of your employees or the budget you have available – and find the maximum productivity at the optimum cost. Sometimes you just need someone else to do it for you; a trusted partner who can augment your IT team with additional people, processes and technologies as part of an outsourced integration environment, providing further flexibility and resilience to future business disruption. 

And of course,


Let me reiterate what I just mentioned above – supply chain disruption is not discriminatory. Therefore, the benefits of a modern, digital supply chain should be available to any sized business, from the enterprise level to the small and medium sized businesses. Cost should not be a barrier, nor should it limit the quality of the tools you are using. You need a solution that allows you to choose what you need at a cost that works for you, knowing that its built on the same cloud based business network that every other company is using and that it can scale as you do.

This is where I’m sure you expect the sales pitch. You’re reading this on the OpenText™ blog, after all. I could beguile you with statistics about industry leadership, network scale, and any other number of leading metrics but I’m not going to do that.

Instead, all I’m going to do is strongly encourage you to take a minute to get to know us. You can do that in a couple different ways. First, you could watch this video (it’s punchy, I think you’ll like it):

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Got a high level sense of how OpenText stands out? Great – now you can get to know us a bit better.

You can see more about the OpenText Business Network solutions by checking out our video replays from the recent ConneXions event:

And you can dive into all the reasons why making the switch now is easier than ever here:


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