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The latest release of OpenText™ InfoArchive is now available and provides the market with some significant new functionality. But first, let me level-set and talk…

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May 11, 20184 minute read

The latest release of OpenText™ InfoArchive is now available and provides the market with some significant new functionality. But first, let me level-set and talk about InfoArchive’s position within the OpenText archiving family.

InfoArchive is unique to our archiving product line because it has the ability to ingest any type of electronic information. This includes any record, file, email, image, or other information type, including:

  • Structured—e.g. data from ERP systems represented in columns and rows
  • Semi-Structured—e.g. content that has metadata providing classification information
  • Unstructured—e.g. content that does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized in a pre-defined manner; text files and documents, sensor data, images, emails, social media data, server, website, and application logs, and more

This ability to ingest all information makes InfoArchive unique within our archiving portfolio.

Other Differentiators for InfoArchive

  • Being application and system neutral, providing the customer with the advantage of not having to maintain or use the source application to access or analyze the information.
  • Not replicating the information silos of the IT architecture that it ingests. For the customer, this eliminates the barriers of consolidating information as well as delivering critical visibility and analytics capabilities across all information on a single platform.
  • Providing regulatory and governance controls applicable to all industries. InfoArchive customers can trust that all their compliance needs—such as multiple retention, disposition, holds, etc.—are met.

These unique differentiators make InfoArchive ideal for use cases such as Application Retirement and Active Archiving of business-complete data. When used in these scenarios, InfoArchive significantly reduces risk by improving compliance and access to legacy and business-complete data, all while offering significant IT infrastructure cost savings, particularly with the retirement of legacy applications.

The new release of InfoArchive greatly enhances its key differentiators and strengthens its main use cases. The enhancements for EP4 are delivered in two categories: New features to the InfoArchive platform, and Solution Accelerators in the form of connected OpenText technologies.

New Features

  • Enhanced ingestion speeds and database management with workload separation, as well as a new compliance partition mode that reduces its database footprint
  • Improved user experience with the ability to search archived business-complete records from the originating application using Smart URL
  • Expanded search capabilities with nested search

User experience enhancements:

  • New landing page with card and list view layout for quick visual browsing
  • Consolidated navigation and breadcrumb
  • Visual separation of navigation and data presentation
  • Cleaner action toolbar and floating action button for common actions
  • Side panel drag to resize splitter

Solution Accelerators

OpenText File Intelligence (OTFI)

The OTFI connector for InfoArchive enables organizations to quickly gain visibility and control over their unmanaged content by automatically searching, analyzing, and reviewing terabytes of unstructured data from information sources on their network. The connector gives the ability to take compliance and preservation actions on selected content by automatically transforming and ingesting information into InfoArchive. It provides a quick and efficient process for enterprises to gain control over unmanaged regulated or PII-related content anywhere in their environment.

InfoArchive Output Transformation Solution

Also known as InfoArchive Xenos Solution Accelerator, this solution allows enterprises to transform Print Stream AFP files or PDF bursts into segmented PDF files and ingest them into InfoArchive. InfoArchive then stores the AFPs or PDFs in an optimized format, reducing storage footprints by approximately 90%. During retrieval, on-demand rendering to PDF can be performed. Unlike any other print stream archiving, this solution supports granular retention even if the file is combined in a batch.

InfoArchive xECM Integration

The OpenText Extended ECM accelerator enables customers to have a single point of access to active and archived business content for the end user. The Extended ECM accelerator utilizes the Smart UI widget to access InfoArchive content within other OpenText Extended ECM applications. This allows our Extended ECM customers to extend the reach of their business by accessing previously siloed content or valuable information that was trapped in legacy applications.

With the EP4 release of InfoArchive our customers will receive greater functionality from ingestion, to information management, to an improved user experience. They will also enjoy the ability of extended functionality via the InfoArchive accelerators.

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