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Introducing OpenText Supplier Portal: one portal to rule them all

A single portal for all your processes, applications, and users.

Securely build, manage and connect business ecosystems to deliver enterprise services and collaborative processes, irrespective of industry and geography

Digital initiatives that interconnect ecosystems of suppliers, partners, vendors, B2B customers and others to internal systems and services are forecast to generate one-quarter of all global revenue by 2030 – $70 trillion. But many such initiatives aren’t delivering as promised. The complexities of integrating external people into enterprise business processes can result in unexpected roadblocks: manual onboarding processes, hands-on user administration, retro user experiences, and off-putting security, to name a few. Happily, OpenText has a solution to remove roadblocks that undermine the success of ecosystem initiatives and get projects back on track.

Maximize the value of collaborative ecosystems while increasing agility and efficiency

OpenText™ Supplier Portal empowers customers to establish secure business ecosystems across internal and external users as they transition to the new networked economy. Integrated ecosystems provide the economies of scale needed for predictable growth and operational efficiencies, plus the agility to change competitive landscapes by integrating partner services into core products offerings – assuming the right ecosystem platform and partner. 

OpenText™ Supplier Portal is a cloud-native platform that accelerates digital transformation initiatives by ensuring that users have secure and seamless access to any authorized resource, cloud service and legacy application across the ecosystem, regardless of industry, geography or underlying business process. Securely connect ecosystems across complex, uncertain environments thanks to a fresh, auto-scaling microservices architecture with API-first design, native messaging and orchestration, and secure third-party access. Modular components include best-in-class technologies for security, experience, analytics and information access, including OpenText™ Identity and Access Management, OpenText™ TeamSite™, OpenText™ Magellan™ and OpenText™ Core Share.

Standardize collaboration. One portal for all ecosystems and applications.

Securely collaborate at a global scale

The cost to secure an ecosystem comprised of thousands of partners and millions of users can erode expected returns or be prohibitive. Supplier Portal avoids massive administration costs and enables ecosystems to securely grow without adding internal resources thanks to a distributed security model that transfers day-to-day user administration and governance to trading partners.

Eliminate onboarding and compliance pain

Accelerate trading partner time-to-value and regain thousands of hours spent on inefficient onboarding and monitoring activities. Self-paced, workflow-driven processes combined with comprehensive self-service capabilities minimize cost and delays, and limit staff involvement until knowledge workers are truly needed.

Minimize complexity and increase adoption

Portal adoption is key to sustain collaborative business, as tasks previously performed by internal staff are now performed by ecosystem partners for free. But the number of portals that partners deal with every day is threatening adoption. Content silos, endless logins, and training all have partners asking  – where’s the value? Supplier Portal provides a single portal solution connecting any ecosystem user to any enterprise or cloud resource after a single login, a common set of collaboration tools for all participants, and a single digital identity to remember. 

Keep all ecosystem participants engaged and productive

B2B customers expect consumer-like experiences and have proven to go elsewhere when expectations aren’t met. Integration and security complexity are leading causes of poor experience and will threaten customer and partner loyalty, e.g., disjointed journeys and low value, high-fiction experiences. Supplier Portal delivers seamless, consistent experiences and risk-appropriate security, enabled by a modern architecture, robust integration and security, and a best-in-class digital experience solution – OpenText Teamsite!

Supplier Portal has secured some of the world’s largest supply chains and business networks for over 20 years, providing a single, scalable solution to streamline and accelerate collaborative business across multiple external ecosystems. For more information, view visit our Supplier Portal solution page or read the solution overview.

Dennis McDermott

Dennis McDermott heads product marketing for OpenText Identity and Access Management and Supplier Portal solutions. Formally trained in human-centered design and research, Dennis has over 25 years of experience in aligning technology product offerings with core buyer needs and preferences and has led marketing and sales organizations in identity and access management for the past 15 years.

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