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Every organization deals with a myriad of types of information. And in all organizations, this information is ever-growing at every stage in its lifecycle –…

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April 24, 20195 minute read

Every organization deals with a myriad of types of information. And in all organizations, this information is ever-growing at every stage in its lifecycle – from generation to retirement. Organizations have long looked to Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technology to help them manage these requirements, whether the information be in physical or digital form. Today, innovations in EIM technology have expanded its capabilities into areas such as managing information derived from the Internet of Things (IoT) and producing valuable insights through analytics.

OpenText OEM Capability Areas:

OEM Capability Areas

Don’t build your own EIM components—embed instead

In today’s global business world, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have learned they no longer need to depend entirely on their own R&D to develop and maintain every component of their software product. In fact, it makes perfect sense to outsource some of these components completely—and EIM is one of these areas. Just like it wouldn’t make sense to develop a native map service or payment system for a mobile app when Google® and PayPal® exist, OpenText EIM technology makes the expensive and resource-consuming development of native EIM capabilities an unnecessary task.

OpenText offers its market-leading capabilities like data capture, content services and information presentation à la carte for OEMs to embed into their products. OpenText™ Content Suite, OpenText™ OT2 and OpenText™ Documentum™ (to name a few) all rely on EIM technology to drive value for users. There’s no hassle of having to address future development or maintenance of these components either; we take care of all of that.

Instead, OEMs should bake EIM components into their product development supply chain, and start managing the vendor, not the technology. OEM development resources can then focus on building out the unique and meaningful features that come from their position of strength, and drive market positioning and sales.

So, where to start? OEMs are faced with choices when it comes to EIM technology suppliers. Many vendors exist in this space, and it can be difficult to understand what makes one better than the other.

OpenText is a global leader in EIM technology

OpenText is The Information Company, and we take this position very seriously. For almost 30 years, we’ve worked to develop and acquire best-of-breed technology capabilities across the entire information lifecycle.

Today, we proudly offer our OEM partners the opportunity to embed these EIM capabilities into their own product offerings, saving them the inconvenience of having to develop these on their own.

OEM partners can be confident in their OpenText product investments. Simply put, we have superior technology quality and use-case coverage when compared to our competitors. Don’t take my word for it, though – our products are recognized as leaders by the major analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

With our solutions and components, you can capture information from any source (including mobile, IoT, and eForms), store and manage information of any format, and present and publish content to any device. For example, does your app require a document management module? OpenText has you covered with OpenText™ ApplicationXtender. How about the need to view, annotate and redact any format of document? OpenText™ Brava!™ is an industry benchmark. And it doesn’t stop there. Check out our entire line of embeddable technology for OEM partners here.

The best kept secret in OEM partnerships is out

While the benefits of outsourcing the EIM requirements of your product are clear (i.e. access to the best EIM technology while your internal resources focus on core product features), management of the vendor-client relationship can be a major stumbling block that can make you wonder if the benefits are worth the aggravation. It is vital that the vendor partner you choose be as committed to the OEM partnership and the program’s success as they are to developing best-in-class EIM technology.

A few years ago, OpenText announced a major overhaul of its OEM partner program. Since then, we have been dedicated to continuous improvement of its logistics and performance. What’s emerged is a fully functional OEM program within OpenText that includes dedicated product managers, engineers, account representatives and account planning—fully supported by marketing and training funds. Everything a partner needs to be a success when bringing their products to market.

Whether OEMs engage with OpenText through our white-label or co-marketing programs, our partners gain access to our modular building blocks to plug any EIM hole in their solution architecture. And they do so in a way that is quick, effective and doesn’t impact overall product profit potential—that’s the OpenText advantage.

Building better solutions—together

OpenText provides innovative solutions to information management in all its forms, from paper records on up to fully automated digital workplaces—and every niche along the way. Our OEM partners are a huge part of making this a reality. We rely on OEMs to build out and market the solutions OpenText can’t, and we empower our OEM partners by providing critical EIM capabilities that can be readily embedded into their products. By supporting our OEM partners with best-in-class EIM technology, OpenText frees them up to focus on what they do best.

To learn more or take advantage of the OpenText OEM program, please contact us.

Are you ready for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise? Join us at OpenText™ Enterprise World 2019 to hear how we’re enabling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with AI and the Internet of Things.

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