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Did you know that the average worker is using an average of nine apps in a day? This is just for routine tasks like invoice…

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February 15, 20224 minute read

Staying connected with the Developer Cloud API

Did you know that the average worker is using an average of nine apps in a day?

This is just for routine tasks like invoice processing, contract management, customer support, and other tasks workers find annoying because they take them away from their day job— not to mention the main apps they use for their day job. What if you could reduce the need to swap apps? Do you think that would make your customers happy?  

 Incorporating features that help capture and digitize information for users will help alleviate frustration with dispersed data. 

One of the key reasons workers leave their main apps is to access information that resides in other systems and repositories, including physical media and paper. While it is well understood that the majority—as much as 80%—of an organization’s data is unstructured, in a recent study from AIIM, organizations cite the extraction of data and intelligence from information assets as their lowest performing Intelligent Information Management (IIM) competency. This misalignment results in missed opportunities so abundant that it is difficult to imagine.  

Contracts, invoices, emails, social media, recorded conversations, videos and any other information not stored in a relational database holds immense promise for organizations. If organizations can harness their unstructured data, they would be able to locate and utilize information for decisions and actions, including being able to resolve and prevent issues, and identify and leverage opportunities, more efficiently across the whole enterprise. The good news is organizations are beginning to catch on.

By 2027, 60% of spending on data capture and movement technology will be on streaming data pipelines, enabling a new generation of real-time simulation, optimization, and recommendation capabilities.

This broad, end-to-end approach conceives of intelligent capture technologies as a component of a greater solution. Capture is seen as the feature which extracts intelligence from information and ingests and initially routes throughout the system. It’s an important piece and one which organizations will rely on technology and technology partners to help address.

What if you could bake capture capabilities into your solutions quickly and affordably from the beta version?

Would that address wider-reaching market needs, helping you expand your business faster? 

Through OpenText’s OEM and Developer programs, software vendors and product teams can bring capture capabilities to market rapidly, enabling their customers with solutions which span all deployment scenarios—including mobile and cloud-first options that support modern working conditions. The latter of which has become of increasing importance. 

Gartner recently increased prior forecasts of worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services to anticipate a 23.1% jump this year, followed by a more than 16% increase in 2022 — up from $270 billion in 2020 to just under $400 billion. 

As cloud-focused, digital transformations ramp up globally, OpenText is ready to help with our Core Capture and Intelligent Capture solutions which are available for use in commercial applications through our OEM and Developer programs.

OpenTextTM Core Capture

With Core Capture, product teams and developers have the option of utilizing the underlying set of microservices as either a headless capability, as part of our IMaaS Developer plan, or as a standalone SaaS solution. This means technology companies can white-label, integrate, customize, extend or otherwise incorporate the advanced capture and recognition service in the way that best supports their strategy.

OpentextTM Intelligent Capture

With Intelligent Capture, product teams and developers have an option for more robust capture features in the cloud. Deployed via OpenText Cloud, or any hyperscaler of your choosing, software companies can leverage AI and ML capabilities to automate their capture functions with OpenText™ Intelligent Capture.

Help your customers’ data streaming pipeline reach their full potential by unlocking the power of unstructured and structured data with the full spectrum of OEM and Developer Capture and  Digitize solutions.

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