7 ways OpenText empowers software companies to enable digital transformation

Companies today expect a single provider to solve multiple challenges. They expect their vendors to digitally transform themselves and their products to support their own…

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March 10, 20207 minutes read

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Companies today expect a single provider to solve multiple challenges. They expect their vendors to digitally transform themselves and their products to support their own business transformations.

OpenText™ has enabled organizations of all shapes and sizes to leverage their information for operational excellence and market supremacy through a suite of world-class information management technology—the broadest selection of information management technology available.

Now, with the OpenText OEM Program, software vendors can offer the power of OpenText in their own solutions. The OpenText OEM Program offers a multitude of technology across seven solution areas for software vendors to customize, extend, embed, white-label or sell as part of their own software offering to their customers. These solutions enable OEM partners to improve their own software and offer more to their customers without having to build their own solution.

Capture and digitize

The fewer people that have to manually enter information and data into a system, the fewer errors there are. Capture and digitize solutions minimize manual entry when it can be automatically imaged and indexed, preventing errors and freeing up human resources.

Software vendors who incorporate OpenText OEM capture and digitize solutions into their own offering will thus enable their customers with valuable tools in the vital step of data capture – an important first step for many processes.

OEM Capture and Digitize solution use cases:

  • Omni-Channel Capture – capture and extract any type of information automatically from multiple channels and transform it into a format for use in downstream processing.
  • Targeted Capture – gain access to specialized tools that capture functionality for specific types of content such as static images, unstructured documents, structured documents, forms, text blurbs and more.
  • Scanner Application Capture – enable the development of applications to manage scanning functionality, whether in-scanner, on mobile or in any other application format.

Store, manage and migrate

Efficient data management is at the core of how productive a modern company operates, and this functionality is included in the OpenText OEM program. The faster a company can locate, send and otherwise manage data, the more work that company can complete. Good data storage and management options make the lives of users much easier, and the products of software providers much more valuable.

OEM Store, Manage and Migrate solution use cases:

  • Content Services– manage your content and collaborate at any scale, and for any content type.
  • Back-End Content Management – extend your content management functionalities to other applications.
  • Information Archiving – obtain and use long-term, economical and compliant storage for any type of information from any application.

Analyze, report and predict

Modern analytical solutions drive value by expanding upon the scope of applicable information while increasing their processing abilities. The OpenText OEM program offers solutions that are able to analyze structured and unstructured information, including sentiment analysis, predictive analysis, natural language processing, and self-serve data visualization.

OEM Analyze, Report and Predict solution use-cases:

  • Complete Data Analytics – gain insights and comprehensive data analytics functionality such as predictive modelling, data discovery, data mining, IoT analytics and more.
  • Big Data Analytics – conduct powerful data analysis on even the largest datasets and databases.
  • Reporting, Dashboards and visualizations – design, create and manipulate data presentation outputs, whether self-service or automated, point-in-time or real-time.
  • Text-Based Analytics – process, analyze and summarize unstructured text like social media posts, online comments, emails to identify sentiment, concepts and entities.

Process and automate

Automated processes offer end-users the ability to be more productive and free up resources by automating repetitive tasks. Business process management solutions are becoming less complicated and technical, increasingly delivered in a low-code/no-code package, and it is now plausible that anyone with basic training is able to configure them. This makes them ideal features to add to any software solution.

OEM Process and Automate solution use cases:

  • Business Process Management – design and build digital workflows to provide automation and structure to standard and ad-hoc processes, including providing key insights for management.
  • Dynamic Case Management – gain the means to structure and automate unstructured, ad-hoc case work, including providing key insights for management.
  • Application Development – easily design, build, configure and deploy information-centric applications to automate process work, make better decisions or add-value through new business models.
  • Intelligent Forms Automation – create intelligent, structured forms to collect and route information to the correct people, processes and systems automatically.
  • IoT Management – collect process and manage sensor data, including Digital Twin and IoT IAM capabilities.

Search and Discover

Search and discover solutions are ideal for the ability to act on non-compliant information, including legal holds, redactions, purging, editing and freezing of documents. This means that this solution is a natural fit for industries that are highly regulated.

OEM Search and Discover solution use-cases:

  • Enterprise/Federated Search – use AI-enhanced universal searching across multiple disparate repositories.
  • File Review and Analysis – identify and evaluate information assets in alignment with importance, governance and compliance.
  • eDiscovery – identify, analyze, auto-redact and hold/freeze information as part of early case assessment, legal review, analysis and production processes.
  • File Indexing – enable repository-agnostic classification and full-text indexing of files.

Integrate and access

OpenText OEM integrate and access solutions bridge the gap between legacy and new solutions, providing workers access to applications and information on different desktops and legacy systems. This helps reduce the licensing burden on organizations while ensuring access to information and applications are maximized.

OEM Integrate and Access solution use-cases:

  • Remote Access – gain access to desktops and applications without needing to spin up separate instances.

View, transform and communicate

The OEM view, transform and communicate solutions are a generally loose group of products, however, they all focus on accessibility for the user. For content-centric processes, they allow the user to view any type of file, convert file types automatically, auto-generate AODA compliant content and auto-archive information for long-term storage. For customer communications, these solutions enable highly personalized communications on a mass scale.

OEM View, Transform and Communicate solution use-cases:

  • File Conversion and Transformation – render and edit content, independent of source files.
  • File Viewing and Collaboration – enable secure access and collaboration on content, independent of source files.
  • File Security – gain various degrees of protection for content assets (password protection, expiry dates, etc.).
  • Communications Management – template, create and publish hyper-personalized content for omni-channel communications.
  • Output Transformation – repurpose and reformat content outputs as part of content-centric workflows (e.g. print-streams to PDF, mobile-display ready documents, accessible content, etc.).

Transform, and offer more with OpenText

Digital transformation is here to say, and users expect more software vendors to offer a full range of features to make their experience more convenient and flexible. Vendors that offer a set of complementary features will soon start to attract more customers and deliver a full experience to their customers.

OpenText’s OEM partnership is an opportunity for software vendors who wish to expand their range of offerings and embrace digital transformation. With products across seven solution areas to add to their own package, true digital transformation has never been this achievable.

If you would like to find out more about how OpenText can complement your own solution, or if you’re interested in how you can become an OEM Partner, contact OpenText today. To find out more information on these solutions and digital transformation, download this free white paper, or check out this handy infographic.

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