What’s new in OpenText Encase Forensic and OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator

The latest updates include ....

The latest announcement by OpenText of Cloud Editions includes some great updates to OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic and OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator. Check out the latest updates below.

July 2021: What’s new in OpenText  EnCase Forensic and OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator CE 21.3 

Update 1: Reach deeper to find more evidence

OpenText™ EnCase Forensic (designed for law enforcement investigations) and EnCase Endpoint Investigator (designed for corporate/enterprise investigations) build upon the social media artifact enhancements delivered in CE 21.2 and take it a step further by collecting artifacts directly from cloud-based collaboration and storage applications including MS Teams, Amazon S3, DropBox and Box. 

This feature provides investigators with the ability to look past what is stored on the hard drive in question, and dive deeper into the suspect’s online activity to identify evidence that may be relevant to the case. 

Update 2:  Enhance the user experience

EnCase Forensic and EnCase Endpoint Investigator are always focused on helping investigators work more efficiently and close their investigations more quickly.  To that end, CE 21.3 delivers the following workflow improvements: 

  • Optimized navigation for collecting related evidence from different sources 
  • Triage view showing evidence file types and counts to help narrow investigation points 

EnCase Endpoint Investigator also provides faster evidence triage previews across the network. 

Update 3: Optimize enablement within the cloud  

The benefits of cloud computing are well known and apply to forensic investigations within the cloud as well: distributed and lean processing, resource and cost sharing and faster integration of technology.  With CE 21.3, investigators have the ability to output evidence directly to Microsoft Azure.   

In addition to evidence output, CE 21.3 also delivers automated EnCase deployment within Azure, providing an investigator with a pre-configured system that includes virtual machines, standard system configurations and allocation of Azure storage and compute power. 

For more information, law enforcement customers can visit the EnCase Forensic website at OpenText EnCase Forensic Software. Corporate enterprise customers can find more information on the Encase Endpoint Investigator website at EnCase Endpoint Investigator | OpenText Security.

September 2020: What’s new in OpenText EnCase Forensic and OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator 20.3

OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic and OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator 20.3 includes enhanced forensic capabilities and user-first workflow improvements that increase the efficiency of investigations. This release also takes a first-step approach to enterprise-wide agent management, starting with the ability to record, search, and sort agent activity as brokered by your SAFE. What this means is that investigative teams won’t be left wondering if an endpoint is online, unreachable, or compromised. The latest release also sets the groundwork for advanced features that will debut in future versions of EnCase, including job queuing and off-VPN collections for remote and dispersed endpoints. Endpoint information is populated any time an agent connects to the SAFE – either through a collection, preview, sweep, or check in.

April 2020: What’s new in OpenText EnCase Forensic and Endpoint Investigator Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

November 2019: What’s new in OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security and EnCase Endpoint Investigator Release 16 EP7

January 2019: Powerful digital forensics with OpenText EnCase Forensic 8.08

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