What’s new in OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security and EnCase Endpoint Investigator Release 16 EP7

Latest release helps you better manage endpoints and keep security your top priority

Security organizations around the globe are facing significant challenges that impede their ability to respond to security incidents. Faced with an increase in cybersecurity attacks, changes to the enterprise security landscape, and a resource and budgetary shortage, organizations must find new ways to ensure security remains job number 1.

With OpenText Release 16 EP7, we’ve provided enhancements to OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security and EnCase Endpoint Investigator to help your organization respond to threats and keep security your top priority.

EnCase Endpoint Security 6.07

With EnCase Endpoint Security 6.07, we’ve expanded the ability to detect anomalies in real-time – including 40+ new out-of-the-box anomaly detection rules – and expanded our integrations to include dynamic analysis sandbox technology.

In this release, we’re also pleased to announce Examiner Management for EnCase Endpoint Security 6.07, which enables customers to better manage endpoints deployed across the globe.

Examiner Management for Endpoint Security 6.07

With Examiner Management for Endpoint Security, you can deploy and configure EnCase examiners with rich customization options for optimized scalability and increased response speed.

Examiner Management allows users to assign examiners to specific targets, either for geographical/network bandwidth concerns or to ensure coverage for high value nodes. This feature adds DLLs and drivers to the list of artifacts monitored in real-time, improving detection and response capabilities across the enterprise. The scope of this release will also include improved UX and UI changes to provide analysts with more context – helping them identify and respond to threats quicker than ever before.

EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.10

The latest release of EnCase Endpoint Investigator / Forensic delivers performance improvements for key forensic workflows, strengthened triage and processing capabilities and enhanced value for users of Apple devices and EnCase, among many other improvements. With this release, we’re pleased to announce OpenText Media Analyzer for EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.10.

Media Analyzer for EnCase Endpoint Investigator 8.10

Instant automation in OpenText Media Analyzer helps you find the needle in the haystack when it comes to pictures. Media Analyzer also has advance categories built in with confidence level.

This release will also deliver on some OpenText initiatives such as replacing Oracle JDK with OpenJDK for the EnCase Lucene index engine and begin rebranding the EnCase UI from Guidance Software to OpenText.

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