Technology meets tenacity

Technology alone won’t defeat cybercriminals. Effective cybersecurity isn’t something you buy off the shelf, set, and forget. To secure your data, you must be proactive, have oversight of your entire IT infrastructure, and be poised to efficiently remediate any incidents. 

OpenText’s MxDR platform combines exceptional tools and a proactive approach to ensure you have highly advanced threat intelligence and the ability to root out trouble and keep it from re-occurring.  

Smarter forensics. Unparalleled detection. 

It begins with superior forensics. 

Our MxDR is built around a 100 percent remote, cloud-based virtual security operations center supported by powerful machine learning and MITRE ATT&CK framework. We also employ advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) built across the entire cyber kill chain to develop correlations between computer, network, and device logs. OpenTextTM MxDR can ingest any log source and develop correlations between desktops, laptops, servers, firewall logs, IoT devices, IDS logs, proxy logs, and more. 

By directly integrating BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services, we help you understand the scope and impact of any security event for immediate threat validation to known malware. 

With an unparalleled detection rate of 99 percent, OpenText MxDR helps you understand the full scope and impact of an event before it can do harm. 

See your entire infrastructure. 

The “enterprise network” as we used to consider it is no more. The perimeters of today’s typical IT infrastructure keep expanding. In addition to your traditional enterprise network and endpoints, your data now lives on the cloud, on personal devices, on web servers, and with your supply-chain partners. 

Proactively monitoring it all, and mitigating risk across your attack surface can be daunting, and simply adding new technology to your stack can strain your budget. 

Wherever your sensitive data travels and however you store it, OpenText’s MXDR Platform delivers a comprehensive view of your infrastructure. It enables you to see your endpoints, servers, email, cloud, and network traffic—thoroughly analyzed and correlated, using a cloud-based SIEM for real-time threat alerts and remediation. 

OpenText MXDR’s approach stands apart. It collects and ingests any log source—allowing for customized TTPs to be developed for each unique environment—no matter how complex. We let you stay a step ahead of APTs in an ever-changing world, and unlike some detection and response solutions, ours offers a multi-tenant platform with full access for customers to run full reports. 

Integrate it with your existing security investments or let us host it. Either way, it’s a seamless solution. 

Always on. Always vigilant. 

OpenText MxDR lets you pair best-in-breed technologies with security personnel who have more than 15 years of experience working in breach response investigations and malware analysis. 

We provide you with active monitoring and intelligence-based detection of the latest threats delivering a 7-minute mean time-to-detection rate

Once a threat is detected our team of experts conducts an in-depth investigation to identify the origin of compromise, the extent of the breach, and its intent. We give you your most critical alerts, and only the alerts that truly matter. OpenText’s outstanding TTPs ensure you won’t get thousands of false positive alerts. 

Use unmatched security workflows that reduce alert and event noise with zero false positives, saving analysts valuable time and providing confidence in any findings. 

Intuitive and powerful, OpenText MxDR is your single source of truth—the next best thing to being inside your infrastructure. 

Platform Capability OpenText MxDR Typical MDR 
Alerts Alerts on TTP Alerts on basic condition sets 
Condition Sets 500+ One size fits all 
Client Reports High-touch interaction via chat function Emailed reports 
Contact with Remediation Specialists Cyber advisory for remediation No contact 
Infrastructure Hosting 100% cloud based Primarily on-prem or hybrid 
Incident Response Full IR services Usually outsourced, if offered 
Platform Structure Multi-tenant with client access Single tenant with little/no access 
Scalability Availability to scale beyond 5TB Issues scaling above 5TB 

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