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In preparation for this blog, I remembered an article I co-authored for titled, “When It Comes to Track and Trace, Manufacturers Should Think Big…

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April 15, 20243 minute read

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In preparation for this blog, I remembered an article I co-authored for titled, “When It Comes to Track and Trace, Manufacturers Should Think Big and Start Small”. In this article the august Tom Leeson and I posited some thoughts that remain relevant today. Here’s a snippet about how IoT can be a game-changer for asset intensive industries and improve supply chain visibility.   

Every manufacturer knows it’s important to have an up-to-date, accurate picture of its assets, from the smallest nuts and bolts to the largest storage tanks. But how a company tracks its assets is important, too. 

With the right digital technologies, manufacturers can gain invaluable intelligence about every asset they own or manage via the Internet of Things (IoT). And by being able to intelligently track and trace those assets, they gain a wealth of benefits: reduced waste, lower costs, easier budgeting, fewer thefts and losses, and less downtime. 

In the Cloud Edition 24.2 release, with the launch of OpenText Aviator IoT delivers on the thoughts Tom and I shared in that article.  Here’s what’s exciting about OpenText Aviator IoT: 

OpenText Aviator IoT delivers 4 solutions to aid customers in their digital transformation or IoT deployment journey. 

Four solutions to enable digital transformation

These “Platform Layer” solutions include: 

Secure Device ManagementLeverages identity management to establish digital twins of physical objects, making it easier to visualize contextual data no matter where the physical device is located. Provisions and de-provisions secure IoT endpoints and data access to minimize cyber security threats. 

Ecosystem IntegrationSeamlessly exchanges sensor-based information with key business systems, such as ERP, WMS and TMS.  Offers comprehensive machine-to-machine or application-to-application integration capabilities. 

Unified MessagingProvides any-to-any communications protocol support via a comprehensive messaging broker. Allows companies to perform rapid, secure and flexible integration of structured and unstructured data from MQTT to FTP. 

Actionable InsightsTransforms and orchestrates IoT data into actionable insights, visually represented in different forms. Combines comprehensive IoT analytics with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to allow companies to quickly assess operational performance based on historical sensor data. 

Stay tuned for some exciting innovations coming in OpenText Aviator IoT, as we said at the onset, “Prepare for liftoff!”  And the fun doesn’t stop here, learn about the other exciting innovations in the CE 24.2 release for Business Network

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Bob Slevin is the Director of Product Marketing for IoT at OpenText. Bob is an Internet of Things (IoT) architect and evangelist with more than 25 years’ experience in telecommunications spanning Military and Private sectors. He has collaborated with partners to deploy millions of connected devices across business and consumer markets. An IoT thought leader with an MBA in Technology Management, Bob is focused on identifying business challenges and building innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, drive growth and mitigate risks.

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