OpenText MxDR platform: a team player

There’s a truism in the cybersecurity sector that says enterprise technology stacks are so large because the market demanded big-stack solutions. Convenience, fiscal constraints, and timing have all played a role in making the average organization’s stack so large and complex that there’s even a cottage industry in creating colorful visualizations of them. 

In parallel with the growth of cloud applications—and rapidly accelerated since March 2020—has been a general spread and proliferation of other services and infrastructure components to help companies communicate and reach their customers. A Harvard Business Review survey reported that 59 percent of organizations increased their investment in cloud applications, services and/or infrastructure due to the pandemic, while data from Synergy Research Group1 shows that enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services continued to ramp up aggressively in 2020, growing by 35 percent to reach almost $130 billion. 

Visualizing the data, identifying and remediating issues, and ensuring overall system health and reliability without having a centralized solution is virtually impossible, and point solutions can create data silos, with associated challenges.  

Seamless integration 

OpenText’s MxDR is the ultimate team player, integrating seamlessly into all your data environments, and ensuring you can detect, analyze, and remediate any threat. It collects and ingests any log source, enabling the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures for each unique environment—no matter how complex that environment is. 

Our MxDR proactively monitors all your data, no matter where it moves or resides—on a traditional enterprise network, at endpoints, in the cloud, and on personal devices or web servers. With a multi-tenant platform, OpenText provides access for you to create full reports, and you can fully integrate our MxDR into your existing security solutions or let us host it. 

Either way, OpenText’s MxDR provides what you need to stay ahead of advanced persistent threats. 

Comprehensive protection 

OpenText MxDR lets you pair best-in-breed technologies with security personnel who have more than 15 years of experience working in breach response investigations and malware analysis. We provide you with active monitoring and intelligence-based detection of the latest threats delivering a 7-minute mean time-to-detection rate. Once a threat is detected our team of experts conducts an in-depth investigation to identify the origin of compromise, the extent of the breach, and its intent. We give you your most critical alerts, and only the alerts that truly matter.  

Use unmatched security workflows that reduce alert and event noise with zero false positives, saving analysts valuable time and providing confidence in any findings. 

Whatever your IT infrastructure looks like—today or in the future, as you scale—OpenText’s MxDR provides a highly intuitive user experience, empowering you with complete access to the platform, including shared ticketing and deep insights with role-based access controls. 

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