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What’s in a name?

Exciting news from the AppEnhancer team, the product formerly known as ApplicationXtender

With the new roadmap and new set of integrations, OpenText™ would like to re-introduce you to ApplicationXtender. It is now OpenText™ AppEnhancer.


The most recent release brought a new roadmap to the product, including:

  1. The replacement of the Reports Manager module with a connector to OpenText™ Output Transformation Server.
  2. The addition of a two-way connector to OpenText™ AppWorks™ to modernize the business process automation, and provide a better mobile app experience

A re-focus on core functionality = a new name

For long-time users of AppEnhancer (formerly “AX”), the integration with Output Transformation Server for report creation (not to mention greater accessibility capabilities), plus the wide set of automation capabilities that AppWorks brings to the table, including workflow, mobile and AppDev, is overdue.

The biggest use case for both long standing and new customers of AppEnhancer is as a content repository for their business processes – in other words, a Content Management system for their applications.

The changes from supported modules for report management and workflow to connectors allows the AppEnhancer team to focus on creating a content management system for Applications – or an AppEnhancer that continues to justify our customer’s faith in the product – while delivering a new, modern set of capabilities.

AppEnhancer 20.4 provides these key features (please follow the link for additional features):

  1. Integration with OpenText Output Transformation Server (OTS). For more information and documentation, see the OpenText Output Transformation Server user guide.
  2. Integration with OpenText AppWorks, both at the document management and metadata levels. Users can now manage AppEnhancer documents in AppWorks and synchronize entity data as application documents in AppEnhancer Web Access. See this document for more information on how the connection works.

What does the name mean for me?

For the most part, not much. There are no price changes nor is there a required upgrade or update. Your “AX” install will still work, you can still add licenses and modules.

For those customers that have the Reports Management, please check the release schedule to understand your release support timeline.

Please contact your Account Executive or, if you work through a Partner, contact your partner for more information on how you can upgrade and move to OpenText Output Transformation Server, or how you can learn more about AppWorks for your “App” build and process automation.

As we publish the new roadmap, the name will change within the software in the next release. Look for more information coming over the next couple of weeks as we transition the marketing to OpenText Application Content Management, and in the meantime please visit the new product page.

Chris Wynder

Chris is the Product Marketing Manager for Capture and ACM. He has a wealth of information management knowledge, particularly in highly regulated industries. He shares his deep belief in analysis and taxonomy as the basis of good information governance in his blogs.

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