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Customers worldwide are using OpenText™ Gupta Team Developer to create complex business applications, benefiting from its fast low-code software development environment. This is especially true…

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September 12, 20193 minute read

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Customers worldwide are using OpenText Gupta Team Developer to create complex business applications, benefiting from its fast low-code software development environment. This is especially true in vertical markets where the use of standard software is too expensive or does not offer enough customization for the specific requirements.

A brand new feature in Gupta Team Developer (TD) 7.2 allows software projects to be analyzed during the user acceptance testing phase. It is at this stage in the development cycle that speed and performance issues are most likely to come to light. Gupta Team Developer 7.2 provides new code profiling capabilities that let developers analyze the performance of every single line of code in an application, identifying bottlenecks and increasing application speeds.

With new low-code REST, Windows notifications and code analytics Gupta Team Developer 7.2 enables a low-code and fast development approach and supports software developers to quickly create applications that are feature rich and high performance.

Enhanced programming experience

Using the new Gupta Team Developer Profiling Viewer, developers can execute a detailed performance analysis to detect bottlenecks and find a solution for faster code execution. The Profiling Viewer provides color filtering of performance – right down to milliseconds, giving developers a  quick visual hint at where their code might be too slow.

The code profiling can be switched on in different ways. One can use API calls to turn on code profiling, pass parameters to the application or set environment variables that trigger code profiling.

A new REST wizard can automatically create all required classes for sending and receiving data from JSON REST services. JSON string responses frequently contain quite complex data models that are hard and error-prone to translate into a UDV manually. Now that work is done automatically, and developers can call a REST service using just one function call reducing development time and the likelihood of errors.

Many new APIs

Authentication for REST services is enhanced with the ability to pass header and URL name value pairs to support authentication systems like oAuth for example.

A new API lets developers trigger Windows notifications to inform application users about important application events. The notifications can be displayed in the notification area of Windows or in the system tray. An action can be defined that will be executed when the user clicks onto the notification.

String search and replace using Regular Expressions can now be used for complex validations or value redaction where users should not see credit card numbers for example.

UX enhancements

Gupta Team Developer 7.2 provides several new UX enhancements that include a new theme that is a modern light grey Office 2016 theme.

Reporting fortifications

The Gupta TD Mobile and TD .NET Report Designer for one call reporting are now included in the Report Builder product. Customers of software houses can now use Report Builder to customize pre-built application and app reports using the included Report Designer.

The TD .NET Report Designer has received several enhancements like watermark support, conditional formatting, image scaling and text line wrapping. With PDF reports watermarks can be defined as either text based or image based. The data source can be either an image file, a report variable or an input item. The new conditional formatting feature is available for all report objects, lines, fields, text and images. Images can now be sized in multiple ways: they can be set to size to fit, size for best fit and size via a percent value. Finally, text fields now have a property for line wrapping. Using this option, text can flow using multiple lines.

You can read more about Gupta Team Developer and try it yourself here.

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