What’s new in OpenText Exceed TurboX 12.0.4

As remote work has become the new normal, remote access to business-critical software has become the norm and needs to be supported on any platform…

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September 3, 20213 minute read

As remote work has become the new normal, remote access to business-critical software has become the norm and needs to be supported on any platform and any device. With OpenText™ Exceed TurboX (ETX) 12.0.4, OpenText is introducing a new universal client for remote access from any platform and any device. The performance of remote access to Windows has been improved and there are multiple other improvements for the Windows platform. The ETX client software has been improved to receive remote audio like system notification sounds, video sound and similar. For better scalability web access management (WAM) can now be used for load balanced remote access. And there are many other little enhancements in ETX 12.0.4 as well.

Universal client

Remote work is here to stay. Users need access to all systems from anywhere to centralized applications in the cloud, in data centers or on-prem in the office. Exceed TurboX provides the necessary performance to access professional software on Linux and Windows from anywhere. This includes graphically demanding software like 2D and 3D product design and architectural software for example.

The profile for a remote application now defines what client should be used for the application including the option of having the user decide.

Access to remote desktops and remote apps is now available from a browser without the need of any client software. Users can use a browser on a desktop or laptop computer to access their systems as well as tablets and smartphones. Maybe an engineer wants to use his smartphone to check on a longer running simulation from home or utilities managers need to access central control systems to manage a power network using a tablet to name just a few examples.

A Linux remote desktop running 3D design software in a browser tab using the new ETX HTML5 client.
Remote access to a Linux EDA-program from a browser tab

Windows enhancements

The OpenText Windows remote access protocol Windows Direct provides improved performance for high-usability remote access. Using Windows Direct ETX can now publish Windows applications without the surrounding remote desktop. This makes for a very seamless remote app experience as users barely notice they are working with a remote app. ETX can also use multiple GPUs and load-balance the rendering demand over multiple GPUs available in a Windows Server.

Audio improvements

New with ETX 12.0.4 is remote audio streaming. Audio that plays on the remote host is now streamed to the client. This comes very handy for notification sounds, IP telephony, videos, and any other sound related applications.

Enhanced scalability

Improve your remote access scalability using a popular web access management (WAM) solution. Organizations can now use the Broadcom Siteminder WAM solution for single-sign-on to Exceed TurboX. Additionally, Siteminder can be a proxy that allows direct web access to ETX without having to use a VPN. The load balancing features of Siteminder can distribute the remote access user load between available ETX servers.

Other new features

  • The ETX node software for application servers is now available for ARM64 Linux.
  • The MacOS client includes support for the new ARM powered Mac’s.
  • For collaboration there is a new “View only” sharing mode. In this mode participants in a shared session can only view the screen but not interact.
  • Suspended sessions can be taken over by a user with different credentials.

Users can now customize the columns they’d like to view in all grid views of the ETX web interface.

Detailed view on how columns can be turned on/off in grid views.

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