What’s new in OpenText Gupta SQLBase 12.3

OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase 12.3 increases access security, provides the tools to comply with data protection regulations like GDPR. The query power and update functionality are improved for more computational power in query results and update statements. The SQLBase EDP deployment tool now lets users configure the file contents of custom installers to be created giving them much-improved flexibility for the installer creation. And there is more, read on to get an idea of all the exciting new things in Gupta SQLBase 12.3.

Enhanced Access Security

With Gupta SQLBase 12.3 administrators can enforce password strength rules on their users. IT security is top of mind for most organizations. Using passwords that include alphabetic characters, numeric and symbol characters are close to uncrackable when at least 16 characters are being used. A new sql.ini setting allows administrators to set the minimum number of alphabetic characters, the minimum amount of number characters and the minimum number of symbol characters.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The GDPR data protection guidelines might require organizations to protocol all changes to a database. Gupta SQLBase 12.3 has a new data protection audit feature that protocols the changes with various grades of detail. The data protection audit can be queried and reports for all data modifications can be provided.

Deployment enhancements

The EDP Maker tool now allows editing of the file list that is being used to create a custom installer allowing organizations to minimize the number of files installed and allowing to add application files they require for an installation. The new editable file list gives developers total control over the contents of their SQLBase installer packages.

Query and update improvements

Update statements with a subselect can now include a calculation with the retrieved subselect data providing more computing flexibility for update values.

New scan and find functions are introduced that start the scan or find process from the back of the string, reverse order find and scan for more string manipulation power.

The new reverse string search functions in SQLBase 12.3.

Math with date fields in queries is improved by adding functions that add n number of days, n number of months or n number of years to a date value.

The new date math functions in SQLBase 12.3

Operating system compatibility

Gupta SQLBase 12.3 adds support for the latest operating systems like Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

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