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Enable a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Introducing OpenText Exceed TurboX for Microsoft Windows

OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX (ETX) has long been the gold standard for virtualizing graphically demanding software running on Linux® hosts. The latest release with ETX 12.5 adds many Microsoft® Windows capabilities including the Windows server making ETX a great choice for lightweight application and desktop virtualization for any Windows application or desktop.

The benefits of desktop virtualization

Hybrid workforce support

One of the many benefits virtualization holds for organizations is support for a hybrid work environment. Organizations today require a fully flexible remote work infrastructure. The pandemic and new hybrid work models require a virtualization technology that works for everything:

  •  Simple Windows desktops and office applications
  • High Performance workstations
  • Very demanding graphical software that requires high-end 2D and 3D rendering of product designs

While there are many solutions that provide Windows remote desktops for office users, many of them provide an unsatisfying experience for demanding graphical software. Exceed TurboX is a fast and secure virtualization technology that satisfies the office and the demanding user, making it the perfect choice for all virtualization requirements of an organization.

Popular Ansys 3D product design software virtualized using OpenText Exceed TurboX.

Digital IP protection

All digital data managed centrally is better protected than data proliferating on user laptops. News stories about employees stealing IP on memory sticks hit the press almost every day. Exceed TurboX virtualization enables the user to move data from unprotected devices and gives IT the visibility needed to control those devices. IT can set highly granular rights for anything that leaves the datacenter or cloud. Copying files to a local drive, printing remote content locally and clipboard access can be restricted by IT to disable IP flowing out of control.

IT manageability

With centralized IT it’s much easier to keep all virtual machines (VMs) on the same OS patch, host the same application versions and implement a central backup strategy. Otherwise, you are reliant on manual processes that take much more time. Imagine having to touch every user PC to install OS and application patches. Also, creating backup files for personal laptops is much harder than centralized VMs.

IT savings

Centralized resource-shared IT hosted in a global datacenter, in the cloud or a combination of both (hybrid cloud) comes at a much lower price point than operating multiple global datacenters or providing each user with a powerful workstation. Depending on the size of the organization, the savings can be many millions of dollars.

Seamless Windows experience

Users of virtual Windows apps and desktop enjoy a local-like experience. The Exceed TurboX Windows Direct protocol is faster than RDP and provides unmatched user experience—even over a low-bandwidth connection. Users can take advantage of all the usability features such as local printing, using local USB devices and streaming audio and video. Administrators have the power to fine-tune all local access settings to help protect digital IP.

Lean application virtualization technology

OpenText Exceed TurboX enables the implementation of an easy-to-manage virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for all Windows and Linux desktops that is lean and cost-effective. OpenText Exceed TurboX scales from a few users to large-scale VDI systems that support several thousand users.

OpenText Exceed TurboX scales from a few users to large-scale VDI systems that support several thousand users.

Virtualizing graphically demanding software

OpenText Exceed TurboX enables remote work for the most graphically demanding, frequently used Windows and Linux applications; for example, product design applications used in engineering. Any high-tech graphical application can be used remotely with Exceed TurboX. High-tech organizations want to host their 3D and 2D product design software either in centralized datacenters or in the cloud. In both scenarios, Exceed TurboX is a remote work enabler where free or open source software frequently fails to provide the required performance and interactivity.

On any client anywhere

Access your virtual applications and desktops from any device. Use low-cost devices that enable end-users to display graphically demanding software hosted on powerful machines in the cloud or a datacenter. Users can access active remote sessions from any device, and ETX will always send the screen resolution of the client devices for a perfect user experience—unlike free and open source solutions that frequently send the resolution of the remote host that does not match the client’s resolution. Users can disconnect from a remote Windows session on a Windows client and then re-connect to the still running remote session from another device, such as an iPad.

Users can access active remote sessions from any device, and ETX will always send the screen resolution of the client devices for a perfect user experience.

See how it works on our ETX YouTube playlist.

Read more on the Exceed TurboX web page.

Martin Teetz

Martin is an experienced Product Marketing Manager with long history in designing and marketing development and database software, marketing remote access software including launching the first Windows software development IDE and Windows database. He's a keen content contributor to OpenText social channels.

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