OT2: Embracing EIM as a Service to extend the value of your existing EIM investments

OpenText™ launched OT2, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) as a Service built on the OpenText Cloud platform, at Enterprise World this past July in Toronto. Three months…

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November 19, 20185 minutes read

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OpenText™ launched OT2, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) as a Service built on the OpenText Cloud platform, at Enterprise World this past July in Toronto. Three months later, OT2 continues to roll out new SaaS applications designed to help customers solve real-life business problems.

Customers can rejoice as painful upgrades and long waits for new features become a thing of the past. OT2 applications and services are updated quarterly, so instead of focusing on large IT projects, organizations can focus on improving the business and delivering compelling user experiences. And, built from the bottom up to be secure, OT2 helps combat the inherent risk of information sprawl through various rogue applications and disparate clouds.

These new applications are built for purpose and designed to extend the value of existing EIM applications, regardless of where customers are in their journey to the cloud.

Let’s look at the new SaaS applications available on OT2:

OpenText™ Legal Center: Streamline business practices, ensure compliance and improve client satisfaction.

OpenText Legal Center’s process flows aid in the on-boarding process for new or existing clients and their associated matters. Legal Center enhances a law firm’s client interactions for sharing and collaborating with external parties (clients, subject matter experts, opposing counsel, and so forth) in a secure environment where users can perform content editing and collaboration.

We’ve extending eDOCS rich document management capabilities with our Legal Center app, which enables you to rapidly deploy purpose driven capabilities such as client on-boarding, matter management and collaboration.

OpenText™ Quality: Simplify quality processes for efficiency & compliance.

OpenText Quality automates the responses to non-conformance and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) events while ensuring associated, controlled documents stored in OpenText™ Documentum™ are updated or referenced. This enables Life Sciences organizations to extend quality management capabilities of their existing Documentum investment allowing holistic management of quality processes.

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors®, Cloud Edition: Automating HR employee file management for HR persons, managers and employees.

OpenText Extended ECM for  SAP SuccessFactors, on the OT2 platform, extends our HR focused solutions. Leveraging proven concepts of our successful Extended ECM platform, this offering integrates with SAP SuccessFactors delivering a seamless user experience. Sophisticated document generation services and a single point of access to all employee files help HR departments automate time draining processes like creating and distributing personalized HR correspondence and managing employee documents.

Let’s look at a few updates to the existing SaaS applications available on OT2:

What’s new in OpenText™ Core™: Add structure to document review and approval processes.

For Content Suite, Extended ECM, eDOCS and Documentum customers, Core extends secure sharing of content and collaboration beyond the confines of the corporate firewall. Combining the flexibility of Core with the stability and power of ECM back-office processing, users can collaborate more easily and work more efficiently. OpenText Core becomes even more capable of securely sharing and collaborating on enterprise content in the cloud.

  • A new favorites function in OpenText Core eliminates the need to scroll or search by choosing to favorite content.
  • Additional structure has been added to the document review and approval process – for example, tasks can be used to action workflows.
  • With 18.4, users can create their own embedded application in support of a business process. For example, they can now create embedded “micro-apps” with data stored within Core to structure the collection, ingestion, storage, review and manipulation of data.

What’s new in OpenText™ Hightail: Streamline communication between internal and external teams for creative review process.

Hightail is designed to ease the frustrations that creative and marketing teams face during creative development.  As a secure, cloud-based service, Hightail is an application for sending large files, previewing visual content, and collecting precise feedback, keeping projects moving all in one place and reducing the time it takes to produce creative content.

Integration between OpenText™ Media Management and Hightail enables creative teams to easily send large, multimedia files to anyone without requiring recipients to have a paid account. This new integration also allows teams to collaborate in real-time on digital assets with their partners – whether they are internal stakeholders who need to quickly give precise feedback and approval, or external freelancers who need to iterate on the latest design.

What’s new in OpenText™ People Center: Simplify HR processes for a faster, data driven approach to human resources.

People Center helps HR departments save time and optimize resources. It gives HR the ability to improve employee self-service and respond more easily to employee inquiries, quickly access necessary documents and gaining visibility into key measurements and indicators. People Center now integrates with Extended ECM to deliver enterprise-class records management, showcasing a completely re-designed employee self-service experience with seamless help topic integration.

OT2 EIM as a service provides the business with the tools they need to extend their existing EIM investments through integrations in the cloud. Providing them with the best of both worlds, a single source of truth, cost savings for IT and the ability to provided secure and trusted applications for the business when and where they need them.


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