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Collaboration made easy through seamless editing and co-authoring

Introducing OpenText Content Suite and Microsoft® Office 365® Integration

After working for 18 years at a technology company deemed market leader in Content Services, one would expect that my own content management practices would be stellar. Well, as I learned this week when my hard drive crashed, they were, in fact, not.

The bulk of my day-to-day content still resided in my desktop folder and it’s going to be difficult to retrieve. On the other hand, I was smart enough to have consistently stored my essential, mission-critical project work in our internal instance of OpenText™ Content Suite Platform. It was, of course, unaffected by the meltdown.

What this experience highlighted to me is the added benefits that come from storing content where it can be accessed anywhere, at any time. As I handed my blue-screened laptop over to IT and was given a loaner in exchange, I quickly realized how lucky I was to have the ability to simply log in from a new browser, access my stored content, and continue to work on it.

Doing that work is now even easier, as well. Not only do I work via Content Suite, but a lot of my work is also done using Office 365®. The launch of OpenText™ Content Suite Platform Add-on for Microsoft® Office Online allows me to combine the strengths and efficiency of these two platforms to work faster, collaborate better, and adhere to corporate governance policies.

Secure collaboration made easy!

With the integration of Content Suite and Office Online, collaboration and security are as they should be—just plain easy. Here’s how it works:

Within Content Suite, simply select the Office document you want to work on and select Edit in Word Online.

Microsoft Office Online launches and I am ready to begin. I can start co-authoring or co-editing with multiple people, seeing real-time updates from the various users that may be working on the document.

I can use comments to communicate with my fellow collaborators as we work through our changes and additions.

Once I’m done with my edits, I can simply close my browser and the document in saved back into Content Suite  and I am ready to move on to my next task.

The seamless integration with Content Suite means that all the document changes are automatically saved back to OpenText Content Server and version management is handled, capturing a complete audit trail.

This is a great step forward for OpenText customers who have also invested in the far-reaching capabilities of Microsoft Office 365. OpenText has created a unique solution to allow Content Suite users to collaborate on and co-author Office documents using Microsoft Office Online in a hybrid fashion. It also serves as a great entry point into exploring new cloud-based, hybrid content services for those customers just getting started in the cloud.

If you want to understand more about how this new integration works have a look at the video here.

Kimberly Edwards

As a Product Marketing Director, in our Ottawa office, I focus on helping our customers in the areas of Cloud, Digital Transformation, Content Services, ECM, Enterprise File Sync and Share, and Collaboration. Connect with me at or via LinkedIn.

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