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Faster to deploy than a legacy system, more powerful than an inhouse server, able to scale resources in a single bound. It’s agile, it’s affordable,…

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October 3, 20184 minute read

Faster to deploy than a legacy system, more powerful than an inhouse server, able to scale resources in a single bound. It’s agile, it’s affordable, it’s the cloud—and for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise, it is a business imperative.

The cloud will keep your overhead lean and your storage requirements leaner. It has given us the foundation for new business models and whole economies (such as the subscription economy). The cloud offers the benefits of flexibility and savings, while providing the infrastructure required to support transformation. For these reasons, enterprise adoption of the cloud is soaring.

We are advancing our vision of enabling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with the latest developments in the OpenText Enterprise Cloud that include our next-generation OpenText OT2 platform and OpenText Prime. Through simplified access to our industry-leading Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform, applications and services, we are completing the need for our customers.

For almost three decades, our focus has been on empowering the world’s largest businesses to unlock the potential of their information, while protecting its value. Customers in industries such as legal, life sciences and public sector, for whom public-cloud deployments once seemed impossible, are now looking for a secure cloud infrastructure to help manage their information.

This is now possible with OpenText OT2, our flexible, hybrid platform for EIM services and application development.

 Introducing OpenText OT2

Built from the ground up on a micro-services architecture, OT2 simplifies an organization’s technology investment decision by delivering compelling applications for business users, a modern developer platform and hybrid EIM services—all on a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

We may not have been born cloud, but with OT2, we are reborn SaaS.

OpenText OT2 combines our years of experience in content services with over 1,000 patents into one data model on a single platform. OT2 brings together micro-services for content collaboration, security, process automation and analytics. It opens up our cloud infrastructure to our customers and partner ecosystem, enabling them to rapidly develop and deploy powerful business applications on the OpenText Cloud to drive digital transformation further into their operations.

Completing the Need: The OpenText Enterprise Cloud

The OpenText Cloud is a purpose-built cloud environment for enterprise solutions. Supported by a global, scalable and secure infrastructure, the OpenText Cloud includes a foundational platform of technology services and packaged business applications for industry and business processes with comprehensive Managed Services at its core.

OpenText Managed Services provides a simple and efficient way for our customers to do business by enabling them to remove workloads from internal resources. To date, we have more than 2,000 Managed Services customers who are entrusting us with their most valuable business assets.

To further simplify consumption for our customers, we offer OpenText Prime—a pricing model that provides access to OpenText Managed Services at a single, per-user price. A “run anywhere” approach provides flexible options to outsource and includes the OpenText Cloud, Google Web Services, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. OpenText Prime includes 24 x 7 support through Prime Protect along with access to the collaborative platform, OpenText Core.

As the enterprise continues to migrate infrastructure, applications and information to the Cloud, it requires a sound strategy for privacy and data security.

Securing data is crucial, and cloud computing is an efficient way to protect information. Whether data is stored in an offshore or onshore cloud repository, in the OpenText Cloud or on premises, defensible standards of security protection are applied to ensure private data is protected according to legislation and regulations.

While the nature of digital business is constantly evolving, the cloud remains a strategic imperative. OpenText will continue to develop innovative products and services for our customers—and this includes our unified OT2 platform with support for deep integration with AI and machine-learning technologies—to help our customers navigate digital transformation successfully.

We are the Information Company, enabling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and inspiring new ways to work. We are defining the future of enterprise information by making our EIM Suites, applications and services available on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud and in a public, SaaS cloud. Greater flexibility will empower our customers to compete with agility and innovate to differentiate in an information-infused future.

Artificial intelligence is the next step in the evolution of the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and its impact will be significant. This is the topic of my next blog in this series.

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Mark J. Barrenechea joined OpenText as President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2012, and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. In January 2016, Mark took on the role of Chief Technology Officer and was appointed Vice Chair in September 2017.

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