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OpenText Blazon and Content Server Rendition Module: Secure, compliant document review from one vendor

What is a “rendition”? A rendition is an item which is closely related to a document or version. A rendition contains the same information as the original document, but presents this information in a different file format. For example, an Excel file can be stored as a rendition-based PDF or TIFF.

Renditions are most commonly used to provide a read-only method of viewing content. For example, a government organization might use renditions to provide consistent, compliant information access to employees and citizens, while preserving the original document. Or, a financial services organization might use renditions to improve audit and regulatory compliance for long-term content preservation, while still making a version of the document available to stakeholders for collaboration and sharing.

Renditions: Essential for control and compliance

While the topic of renditions is not a very flashy one, they are extremely important to the document management process. Incorporating the creation of renditions into your everyday business processes is essential for control and compliance, especially for regulated industries. Renditions provide you with an accurate “copy” of a document that you can then share internally (or externally, if needed), or archive, without ever risking changes to the original version of the document.

Content Server Rendition Module and Blazon: Developed to perform together

The OpenText™ Rendition module is long-standing, proprietary OpenText technology that continues to be refined and improved as a core component of OpenText™ Content Server. It expands Content Server’s document management capabilities by enabling you to maintain one or more renditions of a document in Content Server.

The Rendition module is built to work with a number of external renditioning engines—such as OpenText™ Blazon™—to integrate accurate, reliable, secure document transformation into any workflow.

Blazon will convert any supported document into PDF, TIFF, or secure CSF renditions. Users can also add watermarks or banners, stamps, and more, according to business rules. Blazon has been integrating seamlessly with Rendition module for more than 15 years to tackle the following problems across all industries:

  • Comply with internal/external regulations and requirements
  • Ensure the longevity of information by standardizing on TIFF, PDF or CSF format
  • Reduce the risk of human error associated with manual processes
  • Streamline approval workflows and information requests
  • Include reviewers without access to CAD software
  • Enrich PDFs with banners, watermarks, and stamps

The future

Rendition module and Blazon continue to be developed in tandem by OpenText to provide powerful bulk transformation to meet any organization’s needs. What’s more, one source means one channel for problem resolution: both the Rendition module and Blazon are backed by OpenText 24×7/365 Global Customer Support.

Daniela Santarossa

Daniela Santarossa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with responsibility for the Content Suite family and new SaaS content services platform, Core Content.

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