RADEEMA lets data flow with paper-free processes

Our guest author, project manager at RADEEMA, explains how the water and energy distributor is using OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions to deliver seamless customer experiences.

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June 5, 20244 minute read

In Morocco, the city of Marrakesh is home to almost a million people. With an area of approximately four square miles, hundreds of thousands of people across the city rely on the Régie Autonome de Distribution d’Eau et d’Electricité de Marrakech (RADEEMA) to deliver water and electrical power.

As a public utility company, we are an integral part of our customers’ lives. Because we provide vital services, we’re always looking for ways to improve our operations—particularly when it comes to engaging with our customers.

With this goal in mind, we were an early adopter of digital business processes. We rely on business applications to support everything from human resources to accounting—but despite this, our business processes still generated a significant amount of paper documentation.

Moving towards paperless operations

We were confident that going fully paperless would allow us to deliver faster and more responsive services to the residents of Marrakesh. So, we embarked on a digital transformation—starting to build fully integrated workflows that will be powered in the future by a new ERP solution.

To unlock the full benefit of business process integration, we aimed first to establish a central electronic document warehouse. The aim was to empower our teams across the business to collaborate easily and communicate effectively with our customers.

Selecting a proven ECM solution

When it came to selecting our new enterprise content management solution, compatibility with our existing business applications was naturally one of our key requirements. As soon as we started exploring the capabilities of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, we realized we’d found exactly what we were looking for.

The OpenText solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with our existing business applications. What’s more, Extended ECM for SAP Solutions came with an excellent reputation. The positive references from existing users of the solution gave us a great deal of confidence, as did the fact that OpenText is ranked among the leading ECM companies in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Content Services Platforms.

Moving fast with trusted partners

We were keen to get started quickly, and OpenText recommended we engage with Finatech Group—one of their local integration partners. Throughout the deployment, the Finatech Group team was outstanding. It was clear from the start that they really cared about our goals, and went out of their way to review and rearchitect our business processes for maximum efficiency.

Fast forward to the present, and Extended ECM for SAP Solutions has completely transformed our approach to content management. In the back office, our purchasing and order management teams are no longer working their way through mountains of paper. Instead, these documents flow seamlessly through the OpenText solution—and everything they need is accessible at the click of a mouse.

Accelerating digital transformation

The new way of working makes a big difference to the quality and responsiveness of our services. Before, it could sometimes take up to 48 hours to process documents sent from one part of the business to another. With Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, we now send the same documents instantly. This accelerates our processes by up to 99%.

We’re cutting paper out of the customer onboarding process, too. When a customer signs a new contract, we no longer need to make multiple photocopies of the information to distribute to our internal teams. Instead, everything can be viewed in the OpenText solution, shrinking administration volumes by around 25%.

We’re still moving forward with our digital transformation, but with OpenText and Finatech Group, we’ve already made great strides toward faster and more effective operations. Looking ahead, we’re planning to digitize more of our document types, which will help us to offer shorter turnaround times and better services for people across Marrakesh.

Read our case study to learn more

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