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4 reasons information management is at the heart of Formula E racing

Some of you may wonder why OpenText, a software company focused on information management, is involved with ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, and Jaguar TCS Racing in particular. It’s not the unlikely pairing you might think.

The heartbeat of Gen3: Information

If you don’t already know, Formula E was created as a testbed of new mobility technologies for an electric, low-carbon future. Teams must use the FIA-approved Gen3 cars, and modifications are strictly regulated. One area where each team has some liberty—and potential for advantage—is software. And at the heart of software is information—the data that comes in from the cars, and the drivers, and the communications, and media, and more. Taking that information and transforming it into meaningful insights is the driving force for more points, podiums, wins—and innovation.

Four reasons why information management matters to Formula E

Here are four benefits that information management delivers for Formula E racing:

  1. Speed: Formula E racing generates an enormous amount of data each season. The software’s ability to rapidly receive, process, and translate this data into on-course speed is crucial. Lightning-fast data processing is fundamental to the race for victory.
  2. Accuracy: In addition to speed, accuracy is paramount in data output. Trustworthy and rapid AI and large language models are helping to increase accuracy. Race strategists rely on split-second decisions, and analytics platforms must minimize decision risk for better race outcomes.
  3. Insights: Information management leads to valuable insights. Teams can analyze past decisions’ impact on outcomes and use this information to improve future results. Powerful software with fast, accurate analytics and AI is key to driving the insights needed to secure victories and advance lower-carbon technologies.
  4. Innovation: Formula E’s core mission is to drive innovation for a lower-carbon future in electric mobility. Speed, accuracy, security, and insights derived from powerful software contribute to breakthroughs in technology development, extending beyond racing to shape a sustainable future.

As a participant in Formula E, Jaguar TCS Racing is looking for all these things. As their official Technical and Analytics Partner, OpenText provides software that helped the team earn the most points it ever has in the 2023 season.

Key to this success was the ability of OpenText™ Vertica™ and OpenText™ IDOL™ to help the team adapt to challenges such as temporary street racing circuits through virtual simulation and digital twin technology. These capabilities help the team strategically decide when to exert and reserve energy—taking into account data from every practice, every qualifying session, and every race. They can determine strategies for specific courses—from the speed of the car to lateral acceleration, steering angles, and more—so they can finish the race as fast as possible with the most efficient use of available energy.

These are just some of the things that Analytics and AI accomplish for Jaguar TCS Racing. We’ll see how changes made in the offseason launch the team into the 2024 season at the race in Mexico City on January 13. For more insights into how software can boost performance and help you reimagine your business, we’re hosting a Virtual Garage Tour as part of the March race event in São Paolo, Brazil. We’ll offer a behind-the-scenes tour of the garage and talk with Jaguar TCS Racing team members about how software drives their performance—and how it can drive performance for your business. Check out more about the São Paolo Virtual Garage Tour event on our website.

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