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From ancient sands to AI innovations: OpenText at the Formula E Diriyah E-Prix

Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E Championship are taking place around the historic town walls of Diriyah, Saudia Arabia—a UNESCO World Heritage site—at night under the lights on January 26 and 27.

During these night races, the track is lit with the latest low-consumption LED technology lights. And the energy that is needed to do this is powered by 100% renewable energy using B100 biofuel. A big win!

But race strategy can be a difficult challenge for teams. Practice sessions take place during the warm desert days where sand is a factor. For the night races conditions are different. The track cools, the surface changes, winds shift, and there is less sand. Human vision changes as well from day to night, so what drivers perceive in the practice runs during the day may be different than what they see at night. So how can the Jaguar TCS Racing team account for these critical differences as they move from the practice sessions to the actual races?

Welcome analytics and AI. The information collected during daytime practice runs is meticulously analyzed by advanced OpenText™ AI systems. These systems provide the team with invaluable insights into how the track’s characteristics shift from day to night. By simulating night race conditions and analyzing historical data, our AI helps strategize optimal racing setups and energy management strategies that are crucial for night racing.

For Jaguar TCS Racing, products like OpenText™ Vertica and OpenText™ IDOL™ help the team ingest different types of data and information collected during the race. It connects it together, then uses AI and machine learning to surface key insights that can be applied to the race at lightning speed. But we don’t just do it for Formula E race teams. The technologies in these programs are key components of the larger strategy—including tools like generative AI—announced last fall and being delivered in OpenText™ Aviator. Our Aviator tools are embedded into our platforms and products and are continually updated with new capabilities that push boundaries and limits.

Aviator’s roadmap doesn’t stop at generative AI. We’re working to incorporate many different types of AI, including Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) when it becomes avialable. This type of AI offers exciting opportunities to expand human innovation and creativity by transferring learning across domains. Our Aviator for Business and Aviator for Technologists capabilities continue to integrate the landscape of AI in the use cases we have available for our customers.

If these ideas excite you, be sure to join us ahead of Round 4 in São Paulo, Brazil for a Virtual Garage Tour on March 14. We’ll hear first-hand how OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing prepare for the race, and the importance of information and data in creating strategies for you and your business.

Learn more about how you can drive your organization forward with AI solutions from OpenText.

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