Doing the math to achieve “zero”: OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing

How does the OpenText and Jaguar TCS racing partnership celebrate Earth Day? By doing the math that gets us to “zero.”

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April 9, 20244 minute read

When you celebrate something, it’s not often that you focus on the number zero. All the typical celebrations focus on how bigger is better—sales and growth in business, birthdays, and anniversaries for personal celebrations. But on this year’s Earth Day, April 22, we choose to celebrate the number zero.

Earth Day will follow closely after our partner, Jaguar TCS Racing, appears in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship races in Misano, Italy on April 13 and 14. As Jaguar TCS Racing’s official technical and analytics partner, our organizations each have had an unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation for many years—even before the partnership began. And, as Earth Day approaches, these races in Italy give us a prime opportunity to reflect on our common goals. In the partnership it’s not just about speed and competition—we work both separately and together to drive forward environmental responsibility and technological advancement. Let’s take a look.

A common denominator—a commitment to zero

Jaguar TCS Racing’s parent company, JLR, has committed to an all-electric fleet of Jaguar vehicles from 2025, and zero carbon emissions across their supply chain, products, and operations by 2039. Formula E was the first sport to achieve a net-zero carbon status since inception. Their goal is to speed up the transition to electric mobility, using the Formula E racing series as a testbed. The technology developed in Formula E and insights gained through the Jaguar TCS Racing team contribute directly to JLR’s Reimagine Strategy.

At OpenText, our path to zero centers around our Zero-In Initiative. It’s our guiding framework to achieving global impact goals relating to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments and programs. Through this initiative, we are zeroing-in on Zero Footprint, and believe that we are uniquely positioned to help our customers in the same way we are helping Jaguar TCS Racing. Just as Jaguar TCS Racing competes for more points, podiums, and wins we contribute to helping our customers reach their own “zero” goals.

Multiplying our commitment to advancing technology

To advance the technology for electric mobility, there is a fundamental need to analyze and understand the data that is produced during a race. Every turn, brake application, every communication between the drivers and the crew—it all provides relevant insight into changes that can be made for better race performance. And that translates into new technology that can be applied to electric mobility.

OpenText™ Vertica and OpenText™ IDOL support Jaguar TCS Racing through data management and analytics. They ingest data produced during the race at speed, including both structured and unstructured data. This produces insights that the team can use during the race weekend to help bring home more points, podiums, and wins, as well as insights that advance the technology that will be used in electric mobility in the future. Each season OpenText™ Vertica helps process more than 3TB of data.

For an example of real-world results, the Jaguar I-TYPE 6 car is one of Formula E’s GEN3 all-electric race cars, which introduced regenerative braking capabilities that produce over 40 percent of the energy used in a race. GEN3 batteries are among the most advanced, sustainable batteries ever made while battery cells will be reused and recycled at end of life. The data collected throughout a race season contributes to advances like these.

Summing it up to achieve zero

This Earth Day as we celebrate the number zero, let’s remember that it symbolizes not a lack, but a goal—a world where zero emissions, zero waste, and zero footprint are not just commitments but realities. OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing are both committed to this future, and, by harnessing the power of technology, we’re working with a common goal—zero.

Want to get a peek behind the scenes of Formula E racing and how OpenText contributes to Jaguar TCS Racing’s success? Join us for an OpenText and Jaguar TCS Racing Virtual Garage Tour from Shanghai, China. Watch as the team prepares for this years’ double header, and learn more about how OpenText software can help your business race ahead of the competition. Register now!

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