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Introducing OpenText Core for Google Workspace

In recent years many organizations have updated their digital tools to support the permanence of remote and hybrid work. Despite many advances, organizations still find managing information across locations and applications to be a top challenge. Implementing new applications without assessing the impact on workflows or the workforce can also create new challenges.

Productivity and collaboration challenges

Gartner® reports that “The application boom has resulted in the average number of applications that an employee must use to do their job reaching 11 in 2022, with 17% of workers needing to use 16 or more[i].” Siloed information requires constant application switching, a significant challenge to both productivity and collaboration.

An increasing number of applications also means critical information can be found in disparate locations, making information management and governance more challenging than ever. According to Gartner, “despite 59% of digital workers reporting they often put in effort to manage content, 29% still struggle to find the information needed to do their job[ii].” With nearly one-third of workers struggling to find critical content, the need for better management is clear. However, current content management solutions often impose rigid structures and workflows that inhibit creativity and innovation. Unless it is seamlessly integrated with other leading applications, a content management solution can contribute to the need to switch between applications, ultimately slowing down business processes.

Employee experience considerations

Digital tools can have a profound impact on employees’ experience of work and desire to remain loyal to an employer. With technology largely or fully replacing in-office interaction for many workers, employers need to consider how their choice of applications impacts the digital employee experience. Integrating content management with a leading productivity suite like Google Workspace, where many organizations are already managing much of their day-to-day collaboration, creates a seamless digital employee experience and empowers workers to access information wherever and however they choose.

Meet teams where they are already working by connecting key business applications with seamless collaboration and information management from OpenText™ Core and Google Workspace.
Meet teams where they are already working by connecting key business applications with seamless collaboration and information management from OpenText™ Core and Google Workspace.

Three ways to deliver smarter digital employee experiences

OpenText now empowers workers to combine the collaboration capabilities of Google Workspace with the powerful information management capabilities of Core. This integration improves worker productivity no matter where teams are working, whether in Google Cloud applications, a Business Workspace, or lead applications. Here are three ways OpenText Core for Google Workspace delivers a smarter digital employee experience:

1. Empower digital workers to work smarter, not harder

 Core for Google Workspace enriches Google Workspace collaboration with enterprise content management and information governance. Integrated with Core, Google Workspace gains automated governance at scale and empowers digital workers to create and collaborate without worrying about complex processes.

2. Deliver content in context, wherever users work

Meet teams where they are already working by connecting key business applications with seamless collaboration and information management from Core and Google Workspace. Speed business processes by embedding collaboration and content management into lead applications.

3. Deliver a seamless digital employee experience

The powerful combination of Core and Google Workspace improves collaboration across applications while maintaining a single source of truth. Reduce digital friction and surface critical content insights by eliminating switching between applications.

Empower teams to work smarter

Core for Google Workspace allows users to work wherever they choose while delivering the collaboration and content management capabilities they need to work smarter.

Explore OpenText Core for Google Workspace or connect with OpenText at Google Next to discover how to deliver a smarter digital employee experience.

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