Announcing OpenText OT2 20.2

As remote work becomes more of a necessity, the need to keep teams connected, communicating, and collaborating is critical for success. Mastering remote work is…

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April 8, 20204 minute read

As remote work becomes more of a necessity, the need to keep teams connected, communicating, and collaborating is critical for success. Mastering remote work is all about finding the right tools. OpenText™ Core Applications and Services offer simple and secure SaaS applications that help extend existing on- or off-cloud platform investments, simply and securely. And now Core Services enable quick and easy custom application development. Core applications and services help you to innovate and scale quickly and reliably, to empower and secure your remote workforce.

Announcing OpenText OT2 Core Services

The Core brand is being expanded to include consumable services available on the OpenText™ Developer. Core Services will unify access to Information Management Platforms through SDKs and API calls for integration by developers, customers and partners.

These new Core Services represent just the beginning of the OT2 Services roadmap with many more exciting offerings to come in the following months:

  • New! OpenText™ Core Signature Service: Provides one set of unified cloud-based OT2 electronic and digital signature services for developers. Core Signature Service enables developers to easily build and integrate document preparation and secure, rapid electronic signing to existing solutions or other offerings. Core Signature Service will provide developer-centric APIs for more purpose-built use-cases, including document routing, tagging and templating.

New with 20.2 – Core for Building Information Modelling 

Valuable Building Information Modelling (BIM) data from projects is often lost or becomes disconnected during transfer from one stakeholder to another. This results in reduced quality and integrity of information, such that BIM initiatives in operations, including maintenance, modifications and IoT, are hindered.

OpenText™ Core for Building Information Modelling (BIM) helps to solve this by providing a true BIM collaboration platform that follows the tenets laid down in the BIM standard ISO19650. It’s simple, easy to follow layout allows for rapid adoption across the entire project team ensuring that final deliverables are handled by content authors and authorized recipients only.

Core Applications continue to evolve and deliver even greater value

OpenText™ Core for Capital Projects simplifies the handover of completed engineering project information to existing ECM platform solutions with new integration support, bringing the capital projects cloud service into the ECM ecosystem. This release also introduces multiple lead reviewers, enhanced markup and consolidation functionality, speeding document review and collaboration – to keep projects on schedule.

OpenText™ Core Experience Insights provides interactive dashboards with enhanced drill-down capabilities. This allows users to filter and view customer journey stages for specific attributes and custom analysis. Customer actions and behaviors in the journey now can be easily labeled, so users can build profiles and audience segments based on actions for follow up targeted campaign activities.

Introducing the closed OpenText Developer Beta Program

OpenText will invite select partners to participate in a Developer Beta Program for exclusive access to the same Core Services that OpenText has used to build its Core Applications, a refreshed developer experience with more choices and flexibility to extend, customize and build applications.

Participants will access services through a refreshed developer experience that centralizes the tools and resources for building applications with OpenText, on and off the cloud. Participant developers can:

  • Explore documentation including reference docs, tutorials, API documentation and success stories
  • Engage with other developers and ask questions of Information Management experts through a developer community forum
  • Learn about OpenText developer solutions that simplify and streamline the effort to extend, customize and build Information Management applications

The beta program will continue to grow, both in participants and the services and resources made available during the program. By registering, you’ll receive updates on the program, invitations to webinars and sneak peeks at new developer services and offerings.

Register today!

Learn more

For more information on OpenText OT2 20.2, visit the OT2 website.

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Watch the livestream launch event

Learn how OpenText delivers a modernized information infrastructure that is more agile and integrated so organizations can respond to change faster and easier than ever before.


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