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What’s new in OpenText AI and Analytics

The latest updates include...

The latest announcement about OpenText™ Cloud Editions includes some great updates to OpenText™ AI and Analytics. Check out the latest updates below.

March 2022: What’s new in OpenText AI and Analytics CE 22.1

The latest updates include democratized risk analysis, new text mining models, expanded language support, and external ML model integration.

OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 22.1 features exciting updates across the OpenText enterprise applications ecosystem, including significant enhancements to our AI and Analytics products below:

  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard
  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining
  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Data Discovery, Cloud Edition
  • OpenText™ Magellan™ ML Model Management
  • OpenText™ Magellan™ Integration Center

OpenText Magellan Risk Guard

Organizations need a way to find out what risky or sensitive information may be within their enterprise content repositories. However, each organization has unique requirements driven by their operations.

In the 22.1 release, OpenText Magellan Risk Guard has new innovations that make it easier to tailor the application to business operations. By addressing many common requirements, these built-in capabilities reduce the time, effort, and services needed to customize Risk Guard.

Configurable user roles and permissions

To democratize content ownership and risk analysis, OpenText Magellan Risk Guard 22.1 provides configurable roles and permissions allowing individual users to analyze their content and manage their own risk assessment projects.

Remediation actions for OpenText Documentum

In addition to using OpenText Documentum as a content source for analysis, you can now take remediation action as well. In this release, you can copy, move, or delete content across broader content stores, including Documentum.

French UI support

In our efforts to make content risk analysis available to more users around the globe, the Magellan Risk Guard user interface is now available in the French language.

Magellan Text Mining

An example of the OpenText Magellan Text Mining Studio showing the results of a named entity extraction of a driver’s license from France.

NLP and NLU models for French

Natural Language Process (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models are now available to analyze French language content.

OCR for non-searchable PDF

Some PDF files are constructed in such a way that the text embedded within the document is not searchable. This release of Magellan Text Mining provides OCR for these documents turning this previously unusable content into valuable insights.

OpenText Magellan Data Discovery

Scikit-learn model evaluation

New features in Magellan Data Discovery allow for the evaluation of scikit-learn models. End users can easily determine the state of a model with a graphical representation. Different measures are considered depending on the model type and can return results of valid, invalid, or degraded.

OpenText Magellan ML Model Management

Publish TensorFlow models in Magellan

Organizations need to be able to get insights from small datasets which requires different frameworks. In the latest release, models developed in TensorFlow can be easily integrated into Magellan, expanding the availability of models within Magellan.

OpenText Magellan Integration Center

Expanded enterprise connectivity

Enhancing usability of Magellan Risk Guard and other Magellan products, this release allows for broader connectivity to leading content sources, including SharePoint connector that includes token-based authentication, JIRA support, and Linux file share support.

Improved crawler performance and scalability

Enhancements improve the performance of the crawler enabling processing of large content and data sets.

Additional details on the latest updates can be found in the product release notes. To learn more about OpenText AI and Analytics, visit our website.

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