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What’s new in OpenText Core Case Management

The latest updates include ....

The latest announcement by OpenText of Cloud Editions includes some great updates to OpenText™ Core Case Management. Check out the latest updates below.

December 2021: What’s new in OpenText Core Case Management 21.4 

Increase caseworker productivity 

Access attachments across repositories, including case and business workspaces, to provide workers case-related content and extend the value of existing information, whether stored in the cloud or on-premise. 

Automate case flows and decisions 

Quickly define attributes and associated rules for automating case flows and decisions based on real-time case data using a rules engine embedded in a no-code case modeler. 

Personalize the user experience 

Empower workers to personalize case lists by case specific data and custom attributes, and also export and share the case data. 

July 2021: What’s new in OpenText Core Case Management 21.3 

Seamlessly access case content 

Integration with both Cloud (Core Content) and on-premises (Documentum) content repositories provides transparent access to content and a content agnostic approach to dynamic case management. 

Connect content with process 

Integration with Core Content Business Workspace brings content into context (and vice versa), allowing organizations to manage case-related content more effectively throughout the lifecycle of a case. 

Automate decisions 

Dynamically assign cases and tasks based on case data or conditional execution of case activities with a new rules engine. 

Improve operational efficiency 

Measure checkpoints, escalations, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure service commitments are met with new metrics capabilities. 

April 2021: Introducing OpenText Core Case Management

OpenText Core Case Management empowers workers to make better decisions, create, adjust, and monitor workflows and tasks in real-time to keep work progressing while improving stakeholder visibility. The result is a better experience for both customers and employees. 

Core Case Management is a SaaS application, meaning there’s no infrastructure or deployment needed, just spin up your instance. It arrives with pre-configured templates for common case-based processes, and no coding is required to adapt them to your needs on the fly or to create your own custom flow from scratch

Empower your knowledge workers by bringing people, content, and processes together to:

1. Improve decision-making

Access all information and collaborate with stakeholders in a unified workspace for smarter, more informed decisions.

2. Increase productivity

Create, track and manage cases with a centralized dashboard for a single view of tasks, approvals and case status.

3. Expand visibility

Enable internal and external stakeholders to visualize information via dashboards, widgets, and notifications for greater real-time insight.

4. Accelerate case resolution

Eliminate manual, disjointed processes with seamless access to case information and easily create ad hoc tasks and workflows.

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