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Content is at the center of every digital business. But often content is dispersed across different applications, making it difficult to automate processes and collaborate…

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November 16, 20214 minute read

Content is at the center of every digital business. But often content is dispersed across different applications, making it difficult to automate processes and collaborate with colleagues. OpenText™ Content CloudCE 21.4 introduces new innovations that help organizations power modern work, provide access to content in context anywhere, and accelerate business processes while ensuring governance, including:

Connect content with processes

OpenText™ Core Content, a SaaS content services platform, connects business content to operational processes with deep integrations to SAP® S/4HANA Public Cloud and now Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365.

  • New integration with Salesforce reduces common content management barriers. Business users have access to all content in a Salesforce user interface (UI), streamlining the sales and service experience.
  • New integration with Microsoft Office 365 enhances collaboration and co-authoring in Microsoft Teams, enabling users to share documents from Core Content to Microsoft Teams.
  • Deeper integration with OpenText™ Core Case Management brings new process efficiencies to content intensive work. Case workers automate case flows, ad-hoc tasks, and approval workflows on the fly or in runtime, increasing productivity, with zero coding.
An example of the OpenText Core Content integration with Salesforce.
Example of the Core Content integration to Salesforce.

Speed up automation with game-changing machine learning data capture

  • New next-generation Information Extraction Engine (IEE) machine learning in OpenText™ Intelligent Capture provides faster and more accurate recognition results with easy set-up,  speeding digital business processing from invoicing to sales orders.
  • With enhanced OpenText™ Core Capture and OpenText™ Core Share integration, documents exported from Core Capture into Core Share can be added to sub-folders and extracted metadata can be stored with documents in Core Share to improve business processing.
A screenshot demonstrating the OpenText Intelligent Capture new next-generation Information Extraction Engine for machine learning.
Example of Intelligent Capture Information Extraction Project Editor.

Transform digital business with cloud-ready Documentum

  • With new OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum for Salesforce, Documentum D2 is now integrated with Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, providing a 360-degree customer view. 
  • CE 21.4 also provides new cloud encryption key management to improve security by restricting access to keys by user and role, even when hosted in third-party clouds. 
  • Improved support for Microsoft Office, makes it easy to keep presentations and spreadsheets secure in Documentum. 
An example of the OpenText Extended ECM Documentum support for Microsoft Office.
Example of Documentum Microsoft Office 365 support.

Accelerate processes with turnkey business solutions and e-signatures

  • New pre-deployed and pre-configured OpenText™ Extended ECM Platform Business Scenarios including Teamspaces, Projects, Agreements, and Enterprise Asset Management for SAP accelerate productivity. Specialized document templates, Business Workspace pre-configurations and workflows reduce implementation efforts.
  • OpenText Extended ECM allows users to request e-signatures of any document in the system by anyone, expediting processes. OpenText™ Core for SAP SuccessFactors® integrates with OpenText™ Core Signature, allowing HR to securely send documents to external candidates for e-signature.

Get secure viewing, governance, and archiving

Build on tailored industry solutions

A screenshot demonstrating the State Flow trail user interface for OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering.
Example of Extended ECM for Engineering State Flow solution.

Integrate even more intelligence and automation

  • OpenText™ Magellan™ provides pre-built AI and machine learning components for greater intelligence. In CE 21.4 OpenText™ Magellan™ Risk Guard now integrates with OpenText Intelligent Viewing to provide advanced file viewing during a review, while keeping content secure.
  • Build digital business applications quickly and easily with OpenText™ AppWorks™ platform CE 21.4. It provides new configurable workflows, additional REST APIs to enable tasks to be exposed within other applications, and an enhanced graphical view of case history and actions.

Learn more

To learn more about what’s new, check out the OpenText World on-demand program. You can also learn more about how OpenText Content Cloud powers modern work and why OpenText is a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.

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