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Announcing OpenText CE 21.4 for Digital Process Automation

Addressing the need for more flexible, modern tools through performance improvements

If there’s a universal truth that has emerged in the business environment during the disruption of the past year, it’s the pressing need to modernize processes and seek out more flexible technology tools. Low-code development is being rapidly adopted to address this need. 

OpenText™ AppWorks™ enables users with minimal or no coding experience to create new software capabilities that get to the heart of digital initiatives and accelerate them. Low-code offers one of the best approaches to evolving without unravelling to smoothly introduce easy-to-use tools that improve operational efficiency, simplify complex processes, and support customer-friendly digital experiences. With Cloud Editions (CE) 21.4, new usability improvements further deliver on those objectives. 

User-friendly enhancements 

Let’s begin with enhancements for the end-user in a case management scenario. Now, instead of applying filters every time to a list of cases, users can save their filters for re-use. We’ve also streamlined the user interface for faster performance, even for those working at home with slower Wi-Fi connections. 

A screenshot of the OpenText AppWorks user interface demonstrating the new capability for saving filters for future reuse.
Example of OpenText AppWorks option to save filters.

A related enhancement is a refreshed layout for case histories, with business-friendly messages that provide a holistic view of a case. While it’s still possible to drill down to the history of an individual action or item, users can now also choose an at-a-glance view that enables a full understanding of the case and interrelated items. 

For those who manage contracts in OpenText™ Contract Center, AppWorks CE 21.4 enables business analysts to add attributes on their own. The user can now simply plug in a new field without needing to submit an enhancement request.  

A screenshot of the AppWorks Accelerator vaccination management application user interface.
Example of the AppWorks Accelerator vaccination management application.

More building blocks for developers 

Developers can take advantage of new functionality in AppWorks CE 24.1 with new Accelerators, prebuilt configurations that help them get a head start on application development projects. For our own organization, OpenText organized a COVID-19 vaccine drive for our employees in India and their families using an application built using AppWorks. It proved so successful that we’ve made it available as an AppWorks Accelerator. 

On the technical side, CE 24.1 features a new API for the client that simplifies customizations. Now, the API is built into the application, which eliminates the need to refresh a page to see the custom code. 

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Dane Becker

Dane is a Senior Marketing Manager for Process and Applications, with over 25 years experience in managing and marketing software products and solutions. He is currently focused on launch and go-to-market activities for AppWorks, Digital Process Automation, Dynamic Case Management and Low-code Applications.

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